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  1. So the riots in London are possible after all? I thought you meant that they were only possible in North East. Besides, I disagree about revocation of Article 50 being not a good enough reason, however we can only speculate about it at the moment, and let it stay this way.
  2. I remember it all too well, how and where exactly it all started etc. The point is that no place is immune from a potential rioting, especially London. I'm not a Londoner - I'm from South West England.
  3. First I was going to be pedantic by saying that when pointing out at someone's misspellings best avoid making primitive grammar errors yourself in a rather simple sentence. But then I realised that perhaps you weren't lecturing anyone but rather had a bit of a laugh. So please disregard my comment.
  4. What's the exchange rate then? It was a rather poor attempt of diversions on your part though. Never mind.
  5. You are just incredible, some kind of a social justice terminator ready to terminate anyone getting on the way of social justice. I wondered how long it would take you to respond So what does the probability theory tell us about likelihood of an event happening if we increase sample space by 7m?
  6. Not very consistent on your part. I keep hearing time and time again from the remainers on this thread that the Russian market is so negligible that is not even worth looking into. It's a shame it's too late for me to warn my mate about it - he's already paid off his £200k mortgage in three years by selling AC generators to the Russian market.
  7. I can understand your frustration - it must be sad to feel so morally and intellectually entitled and after all of that to lose the referendum to a 'furrener'. BTW, I actually did study the probability theory, so let's talk about it if you like. We can also play a game of chess and see how clever you really are - I do remember your remark about winning a game by sacrificing a piece - I look forward to you playing with me in such a manner.
  8. Plenty of general knowledge + common sense + ability to foresee the problems and see beyond the bubble wrap.
  9. Surely not. What youngsters really need is degrees in Football studies and Rock music. I remember the BBC going about it 10-12 years ago.
  10. In our place IT department is marginally voted remain, whereas Engineering and Production strongly voted Leave.
  11. I can't argue with that especially when looking into my annual income tax form, however this particular family is our friends and I do feel for them. Although what does make my blood boil is those so called single EE mums working for 16 hours a week, but still able to afford driving nice cars and going on expensive holidays with boyfriends a few times a year. Obviously, they don't even think of moving in to their partners. It almost looks as a deliberate policy to undermine traditional family values.
  12. It must be it, I know very little about the welfare system. Don't get me wrong - they didn't have a high-flying life before, although still could afford things which many others with a greater income than theirs couldn't. Though they only took what was on offer and didn't steal anything.
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