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  1. Still have n't had reasoned answer about liabilities and assets. Your last reply was >Them >Bless Enough, you win, you are king of the Internets.
  2. Yep, we paid for them, why not. Want to give me loads of money for nothing ? Bless....
  3. I`m not threatening violence to anyone. Still waiting for a reasoned answer about Croatian rail fares... BS is not a rational argument.
  4. Bigot - a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.
  5. Lol ! Search this topic for "I Love Europe" Oh, its Brexiters, and under no circumstances would I approve of the violence, water cannons and rubber bullets approved of by some here.
  6. No you didn't, you said: PMSL. No I did say that, it's in black and white further up the thread. And I still would like a cut of the Croatian rail fares .
  7. Lol ! what I said was... If I have paid for high speed train services in Croatia, can I get a bit from the rail fares ?
  8. Well, not really. The UK has over 40 years been a contributor to the EU, My ideal is we shake hands, smile and stay friends. I love Europe, and its people, But I do not want to be ruled by the likes of the European commission.
  9. What assets? Like any divorce, if you're agreed to pay for something, I don't know, like an extension, you decide to tip off, you're still liable for the work you've agreed to do. If we've signed up to deliver high speed train services in Croatia 2 years ago and then decide to bunk off, we're still liable for the agreement. You get this don't you, surely? Apologies for the crap quoting. If I have paid for high speed train services in Croatia, can I get a bit from the rail fares ?
  10. We pay that every five years. A lot of talk about liabilities, how about some of the assets we paid for ?
  11. Interesting choice of picture above the title Vulnerable groups
  12. They really do think we are stupid. Taken from order-order.com Gordon Tells Court His "Manifesto Pledges are Not Subject to Legitimate Expectation" http://order-order.com/2008/02/07/gordon-tells-court-manifesto-pledges/
  13. Labour have already established that "Manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectations". Which was Browns excuse for not giving us an EU referendum.
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