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  1. I used to live in the area as a student and second this. Many of these houses are let to students, and there will be lots of parties going on. From the look of the house this also backs onto the railway tracks (they are below the garden level, but still noisy). At this price, even in this market I would stay away from it as it will not attract families who have done their research and are willing to pay top money for a nice suburban school area. The closest primary accessible is King Athelstan, where the Cambridge Estate kids go and it is not highly ranked.
  2. Aytri - I live in Berrylands and have been here for many years. Similar profile to you. If you are looking here, for those kind of prices, I would strongly recommend not going too far towards Berrylands station beyond The Crest crossing. The reason is that when you come closer to the station you go downhill, and there is a sewage treatment plant on the other side of the rails, which makes the area smell when the wind blows in the wrong direction. Berrylands is on a hill though, and you only notice when you are too far downhill..
  3. Sorry. Can you edit posts? I can't see how, but this is the link to the Foxtons house: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-51365177.html
  4. Another favourite in Berrylands, first on with ******stons for 1.375m(!), despite cheap and average extension work into the loft.. They have now reduced by 125k, but it does not say reduced, they just re-listed it as "just added" a few days back, such practice should be forbidden. Either way, house is not worth 7 figures on any planet..
  5. Hooray! Election is over, and the madness shall continue, how about this house of horrors at one of Surbiton's river roads... Although another "stunning" house according to the EA, this "decor" even beats the awful semi for 1.15m at the Mall: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34580427.html I was hoping to upgrade and buy something nicer in Berrylands as I don't mind the 2-hour walk to Surbiton or the complete lack of amenities, but it seems it is becoming too popular..
  6. On a standalone basis I agree with you, but could the key to this madness be the schools in the area? The Outstanding Latchmere School is about 150 yards a way, and as such you should be able to rent this for a fortune to ambitious parents who get their kids into schools, then move to a proper place? I might be barking up the wrong tree as this has now converted into an Academy School and I do not know if the rules are purely a combination of proximity, proximity+results or fee paying.. On better roads in Berrylands (2 great schools), like Pine Gardens, I compared asking vs. actual price and
  7. Although the £650k 2-bed flat is a new strong contender, the Foxtons shithole "6 bedroom" house on Eversley Road (6th "bedroom" measures 8' x 5') is still my favourite, it has nothing going for it really, awful decor, no kerb appeal, terrible area with landfill/cemetery/sewage plant the closest thing to amenities, terrible communications - and to top it off - Foxtons.. But the way this is going - a bargain at £720/sqft.. Ironically the vendors are now also trying to rent the property out to a more proper target market - students. This time they are more upfront with showing the more shabby ph
  8. Oh dear... With publicity like this - how are they ever going to sell that bargain 2-bedroom house on Cadogan Road for £750k... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2313417/Battery-hen-Britain-UK-homes-cramped-Europe-average-bed-new-build-size-tube-carriage.html Average British House 818sqft... At least we have room for manouvre down here in Surbiton when the brutes come to reposess our homes after the next property crash!
  9. A decent harvest of bargain properties on Zoopla this morning. My favourite in KT5 was this one: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/32273067?search_identifier=bcc388ccd7e5581f65b9ad9e5eaa788f 10 minutes walk to the bus, which takes another 15 minutes to reach Surbiton.. You might as well live a couple of stations down the train line... KT6 has this nice Help-to-buy council estate style Gem (Again Matthew James Estate Agency - they are on fire in the race to become the next F*ckstons!). I may sound negative, but as I think it was bambam who said - it is labelled 'stunning', as all over
  10. I hear you... That Grove Road house is almost unique in the set that it tremendously much better looking from the back than the front.. A bit like Pippa Middleton
  11. Cat slide roof as well, which nowaydays sharply limits what the council will let you do extensionwise as you have to keep the 'nature' of the sliding roof which means you cannot do much... If it however was the catslide roof feature that attracted you - and if you don't mind your only swift exit route is onto the A3 in the london-facing direction - Matthew James Estate Agent have a bargain for you. Decorationwise it is even worse than Grove Road, and I would much prefer Tolworth Park Road at twice the price to be honest, even if they would chuck in the 19th century oil lamp that is hanging in
  12. At the time (about a year ago) when this property came to market I thought they were nuts, asking £390/sqft (assuming c.a. £1.5m asking price), but that is increasingly looking cheap for what is a pretty massive detached house at 3,878sqft in the Surbiton area. Interestingly Hamptons took it "off" once to put it back on shortly after, presumably just to get rid of the stamp that it has been on the market for too long.. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/28968440?search_identifier=72d66c645b9ba3bed653a9b9021e551a It clearly needs a revamp with a flamethrower and could easily cost £150-2
  13. It is not under offer. But it will be any week now. I recall that "bargain" at Chiltern Drive someone posted earlier that Hawes & Co sold (marketed at £1,095,000). That was on in late 12/early13 from memory with no takers, this time it flew off the shelf. Still - I recall there was a house that went on Pine Walk - the best address in Berrylands for £4,900/sqm last autumn, which would be almost 50% cheaper than the shithole on Eversley Road... Then again - 6 months in this market is like a decade in the German property market...
  14. This gets worse and worse by the hour... As I think it was bambam who said - Cotterill Road is maybe not really Tolworth, but it means that my current hate property (and Agent) #1 gets under offer - link below. This is a very awful part of Surbiton and we have discussed this one before, but seriously, they cannot even muster words such as stunning, and as the (railroad facing) garden is so small and crap there is not even a photo. Who buys a detached house for seven figures with ****** all garden??? http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/31067827?search_identifier=b63a3546711eb2b1607b85c7a6
  15. It depends of whether you are in the game for Capital Appreciation, or see the property as a pension fund. As long as you do not need to sell, as with shares, the capital movements matters less. I sincerely cannot see how rents will drop in line with headline prices, so even if rents drop by 25%, you still get 5.25% on your money originally invested. Agree re: the people who doubed their money in no time, of which there are quite a few in less salubrious KT postcodes. My favourite was that Tolworth Park Road one Greenfields had on recently where they bought in autumn 2013 and almost doubled t
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