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  1. Greetings to all who are still here. Given recent events I do not think this forum is the best place for me to spend my time discussing property, and potential price corrections or crashes. So to the general HPC community I say ... so long, and thanks for all the fish. Billy Shears
  2. They could have at least given us an explanation or warning that this was going to happen. Billy Shears
  3. I received an email saying that I had a new personal message. But when I try and read it I get "you are not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board". Billy Shears
  4. It's clear that the sentiment against Google Ads is very strong. The ads themselves and the reaction against them have made HPC into a laughing stock on other websites, and deservedly so. Everyone and every organisation makes mistakes. It's failing to admit to them and do something to fix them that's the problem. Billy Shears
  5. I'm not sure I agree. If the correction is slow, then there will be time for "house prices are falling" to get into people's minds before prices get low enough to buy. Then people, both buyers and investors will start waiting for further falls, and the market will remain a buyer's market for a long time. Well, it would if the sentiment of houses being a good investment can survive an environment when house prices are falling across the country year on year. I think that a lot of the theories of what happen seem to assume current levels of bullish sentiment in a long-lasting bear market. Billy Shears
  6. But when house prices are falling the rental yield needs to be higher to make up for price depreciation. That is what will keep BTL'ers out of the market for a while. And how long will that faith last when prices start going negative YOY and this finally gets publicised in the media. Billy Shears
  7. I've blocked all ads. I've blocked other things as well, such as the HPC logo, certain members' avatars, and the little bits of text saying that posts have been edited. Much cleaner site now. The Google Ads may have backfired on FUBRA if others have done similar. Previously I saw the banner and skyscraper ads, even if I took little noitice. Now I don't see any of the advertising at all. I'll make a deal with FUBRA if they read this. Take away the "post-like" Google ads, and I'll unblock the standard banners. Billy Shears
  8. Disagreed. Investors don't tend to dive into a falling market, they tend to wait until the market has bottomed out and started rising again. Why did it take so long for the market to get going again after the 1990 crash? Why did gold get all the way down to £250, and why was nobody talking about buying it Precisely the same psychology that gets people to dive into a bubble (recent gains creating an expectation of future gains) then sustained (and publicised) falls will lead to an expectation of further falls, as happened last time. A few BTLs may dive in during the downward slide causing a few sucker's rally, but like this time, the tide will turn again. Billy Shears
  9. Install Firefox! Problem solved. I've removed all the ads I can see, even the tiny text ones. I've also removed the HPC logo at the top of the page. www.mozilla.org Billy Shears
  10. House prices will fall so far that pound shops will end up selling them in two or three house packs for £1. Billy Shears
  11. The plot thickens even further. I know this house had a sold sign outside it this morning, because I looked at it. But just now when I drop back to have a look at the house that sold for £106K, the "sold" sign has been replaced by a "for sale" one. The house that sold for £106K was on the same side, about 3-4 houses up the road. Looks to be a very similar house. I dunno if there's a reason for it, but that's a lot cheaper than similar houses have been selling for before. Billy Shears
  12. This XPath gets rid of the vertical ads to the right of the thread postings. It doesn't expand the size of the table. //div[@class=skyscraper] Billy Shears
  13. Tried it, couldn't make it work. Said it couldn't find a user called Google Ads. I don't know if the actual name of the user is different due to all the coloured fonts being part of the user name. I'll have a poke around... Billy Shears
  14. Can you post your XPaths? Billy Shears
  15. This XPath for Remove It Permanently seems to get rid of the body of the google ads. //table[@width=466' and @height='58' and @cellspacing='0' and @cellpadding='1' and @border='0' and @bgcolor='#eef2f7] Edit: It didn't remove all of them. I added a few more. Where can we find documentation on how to write RIP XPaths? Billy Shears
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