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  1. If a physical task can be commoditised it is important to look at both sides of the solution - the assumption generally is the automated bit of kit needs to do the same tasks as the human - not so if the packaging / format of the material being manipulated has been modified at source to be automation friendly. OK you can't modify a baby to change its nappy but you can modify food packaging to make automation friendly. When you do that the automated chef problem becomes much simpler to achieve with far less dexterity / feedback / intelligence to perform many tasks.
  2. You certainly are confused. the are a whole plethora of rules regarding airline and aircraftsafety, not about where you have to base your organisations. This is a direct threat and spite from the EU to make things difficult for carriers who wish to domicile main activities in the UK. There are no civil aviation regulations regarding where your shareholder base needs to be.
  3. OK if they are the rules then certain european companies can disinvest themselves of their investments in the Uk transport system, power system, water and other utilities. Only fair.
  4. It'll be a lot less than 16 years if they lose control of inflation - that obviously could never happen having unleashed hundreds of billions of funny money into the system.
  5. For that graph pretty much see a continuation in a trend that turned in late 2015. Nobody expected a brexit vote so those rising costs not an anticipation of brexit in itself, more external factors - far too much money printing already. More QE and interest rate drop post brexit have had a large effect on costs and sterling devaluation too in continuing that trend. Mind you, anybody's guess at real rate of inflation, have seen some food prices rise 20% since last year.
  6. Estimated 12,000 lobbyists in the US, though majority not corporation-based. Prime example in how corrupt and unrepresentative it has become was the handling of the TPP agreement - in private, with no open reveal of its contents whilst it was working its way through the political system.
  7. It is more a product of bending political will by international corporations through the lobbying. Course the Asian countries love it, they are primary winners, gaining economically big time as work and income shifts in their direction and they can carry on as normal insulating themselves from any negative effects they like - try buying a company or property in many Asian countries and you will be told to ****** off.
  8. Servant or slave with 100 hour work week apparently not unheard of......... 800,000 have been through the H1B programme thus far apparently.
  9. Interesting comment about the above only applying to transnational firms - great for the corporates, they love an uneven playing field.
  10. Plus unemployment benefits - many self employed have significant downtime, not through choice, fat chance of claiming even when the work is not there unless for a significant period of time and the company is effectively wound up - which then would need all the additional costs to restart again if the work came back on stream. So, instead, most self employed just suck it and and trick along with no recourse to any unemployment benefits in the meantime. If it such a good deal then anybody in a permanent position knows exactly what to do - join the self employed labour force.
  11. On the lift front there is another side to the argument - we probably import more lifts from EU than other way round. There are EU and international standards I believe - manufacturers will be looking at both of those. If it came to a trade spat then like most other things with a huge trade deficit with the EU it is the EU that would have more to lose, Uk manufacturers could concentrate on the home market and filling the void if it came to blows - in many areas it might be the very thing that UK needs to get manufacturing going again with a lot more local demand to fill the void. A resurgent manufacturing sector could then look to trade more abroad with a healthier home market.
  12. Perfect for the modern new build, surely?
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