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  1. I didnt buy as i thought i lived in something close to a capitalist society, thus prices would have crashed if the markets had been allowed to act freely .... and id have been able to buy a nice big 4 bed house with cash for about 100K. The information this site gave was correct and merely echoed the obvious, not one person could have predicted the extremes the govt would go to to protect property prices.
  2. I asked a fair question before that you ignored about how you are 100K better off, then i get some business speak response. If you live in an area where the prices have stagnated then not buying in hindsight doesn't look like the wonderful decision you claim it is.
  3. I was living in SE England paying 1000GBPper month rent for the last 5 years, with interest rates so low, that'd have been about 50K knocked off the mortgage. Im looking in Ringwood in Hampshire and the value has slightly risen since then so clearly it depends on where you're looking as to whether you'd have won or lost. I can accept that if you sold up before prices dropped in your area yand then bought a similar property you'd have made but i fail to see how someone who has just rented in an area where prices have remained similar can claim to have made money. As for being able to move ar
  4. Explain to me how you have made 100K. Ive been reading this forum since 2006, speaking to builder mates about in 2003 how that property is over valued as people like us can't afford it, and that itll fall... and we were wrong.
  5. I believe that happened several days into the protest ... But that aside the protested en-masse and got nowhere, hence why it is best to stick ones ipod on and listen to music whilst the system shoves it right up you. Young kids getting 4-5 year sentences for promoting riots on facebook 2 years ago clearly shows the young that the shouldnt try and take on this oppressive regime.
  6. Those students the other year were outraged at the govts policy to put student fees up to 9K. The protested and kicked off ... and on top of being banged up for civil disorder offences for an relatively long time ..... most the public at the time seemed against them. Look back on this forums posts and id be willing to be most on here were against them.
  7. I thought it was only for new builds? https://www.gov.uk/affordable-home-ownership-schemes/help-to-buy-equity-loans
  8. Yes i realise 170K gets bugger all, but ive waited this long and at some point in time reality in house prices has to kick in ...just maybe not in the near future! Im not looking to Poole though, need to be close to the M3 for work which involves getting to and from Heathrow fairly often. I've got another year i can wait until my kid starts school, it would have been a private school if i could have got a 3 bed for my more then reasonable sum thus boosting the local economy and helping create jobs ... but propping up property is clearly more important then private sector jobs.
  9. My mate bought a house just off Birds Hill in 1998ish for around 90K, i remember thinking it was loads then if only i understood NuLaboureconomics. Wouldnt have thought too many parents who send their offspring to Henry Harbin earn in the region of 50K PA to afford a mortgage in this area I currently have my search on rightmove within 5 miles of Ringwood for up to 200K (looking to pay 170K max) nothing much of interest appears on there ... i would say houses coming onto the market are slightly rising and sold prices are a more then they were in 2008. Of the 26 new homes advertised under my s
  10. A very nice piece of man made country side. All it needs are a good few nicely designed houses and kids running around outside and it'd be perfect. I was working on a pipeline near the M25 recently and it takes you to privately owned land that most of us would never see, very nice countryside but as only a few get to use it at present, it'd be far better if houses were built on it so it was beneficial to the masses not just the wealthiest few who want somewhere to put their horses.
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