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  1. The UK is not insignificant. It's the 4th, 5th or 6th largest economy in the world (depending on whose figures you chose to believe). The UK alone is responsible for between 3% to 4% of the world's GDP (IMF 2016 figures). The UK Brexit result is the first major rejection of globalisation. It won't be the last either - Anti-globalisation / Anti-EU forces aren't just a UK phenomenon.
  2. Because no one knows what the future holds and it's best to be prepared. Having a strong military adds a lot to our bargaining power too.
  3. I'm sure the equipment and organisation of the UK's armed forces has its flaws, and it probably is underfunded given our commitments. However is your comment really true or is just one of those “we're shit” memes that seem to be common in the UK? Out of the 195ish countries: UK military spending comes 5th UK has 8 destroyers, yes much less than USA/China but only 13 countries in the world are able to field destroyer level ships.
  4. I think mass immigration is mistake in the long-run but I think we have to be careful that we don't start blaming it for everything. In the mid-90s I did an apprenticeship. I worked 4 days, college 1 day a week. After transport costs I would have been able to afford ~43 pints of beer at the local pub (if I'd been stupid enough to drink that many!). 2013ish I saw the same apprenticeship, with the same company. 5 days work, 2 evenings at college. After transport costs (which have gone up massively) they'd be able to afford 24 pints of beer at the same local pub. In 1990s I had the time and money to visit the pub frequently, I wouldn't be able to do that in 2013ish. I realise the above situation (apprenticeship) isn't that common but working longer hours for less money is.
  5. Not sure if this is confirmed or not: Type-26 Frigates cut from 13 vessels to 8. A new cheaper/smaller type-31 to be designed, with 5 planned to be constructed.
  6. It might be intentional. Put the rent up, make the pub leave, claim it's no longer viable as a pub, convert or knock it down and build flats. That seems to be the common procedure round my way.
  7. Of all the benefit changes this is one I find least concerning. Universal credit is likely to take 5 weeks for the first payment to be made. Any delays (common in my experience) and an individual could be look at 2 months before they receive their first payment. The independent living fund has been closed and responsibility has been shifted to local authorities. Already reports of severe cutbacks in the support of the most severely disabled in some areas.
  8. An employed person who can take 4weeks plus off work? Agree about the comment re landlord/bankers. I can't see how this change helps to address those issues though.
  9. I'm disabled myself, and while I don't receive PIP/DLA I know many that do. The system is deeply flawed – often those who cope well seem to have support thrown at them, and those who cope badly are left without support. It seems very badly targeted. I have no objection for disabled going on holiday. A week at the seaside or a week in France – no problem. A couple of years ago a disabled friend of mine went on holiday to the Caribbean – a six week cruise. The general response from my non-disabled mates was: “I can't afford the money or time to go on such a holiday, it's unfair that someone who isn't working can do that”. Difficult to fault their reasoning isn't it? Such stories erode the support for the benefit system and make it easier to attack
  10. 13 weeks is too long. May be there should be some flexibility for carers of terminally ill or those who are terminally ill going on pilgrimage. I think those two groups will be a small minority though. The majority will be those going on a long holiday and using their DLA/PIP to pay for it - that's not really what the benefit system is for.
  11. Not sure where to post this but it might be related to the maintenance issue - but is anyone finding HPC extremely slow today? Loading pages and posting are both very slow for me.
  12. If anything, given automation and reduced crews, shouldn't ships be getting smaller? I suspect this is more to do with politics. Last generation, 12 destroyers, no cruisers. New generation build six cruisers, pretend they are destroyers and claim the fleet has halved. Makes it easier to defend RN budget. Maybe I'm becoming too cynical.
  13. I really hope you're wrong there, although sadly I suspect our politicians really are that short-sighted. Anyone else think that the classification of Royal Navy ships has become misleading? Type 45 is officially a destroyer but is large enough to be cruiser Type 26 is officially a frigate but is large enough to be a destroyer The type 26 “frigate” has an estimated displacement of 6900T The previous generations type 42 destroyer had a displacement of just over 5000T
  14. The type-23s will need to replaced eventually, what do you think they'll do instead if the type-26s aren't built? Buy a US ship off-the-shelf? From what I've read elsewhere there seemed to be some expectations that the type-26 design could have good export potential. Aimed to be a modern leander class export success?
  15. And if Scotland was independent then none of them would being built on the Clyde. Bit of a non-story no? Delayed because the design isn't yet completed.
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