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  1. How on earth have you made it last so long? Mine has virtually bust after 10 logs. They also take forever to dry out!
  2. I was totally flabbergasted at the ending. That woman was nothing but a crook.
  3. Anyone know much about The Mortgage Factory? Nationwide must surely have realised that the number is up on this one? I was disgusted to see them dominating the best buy tables this weekend. When will the last bull turn bear? I wouldn't have put my money on Nationwide being the last one standing anyway.
  4. Saw this on my wanders yesterday. It was in the window of Connels in Malvern:
  5. I have been here since the old forum - way too long, but boy it is starting to taste sweet. So nearly bought a house today - at auction. Sold for £109k (not to me). Identical house next door sold last year for £215k. Things are panning out a treat.
  6. Try this one for size - live free for a year! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-171...=3&tr_t=buy I reckon they will pay your deposit if you ask nicely too.
  7. I can't decide on the effect of falling transaction numbers a'la credit crunch will have on the overall indices. One thing is for certain though and that is seasonal adjustment this summer (if still applied!) will make those falls significantly greater.
  8. I wish I still wasn't here! Am I the last survivor from the 'old' board before we all had to reregister? I hope not! and yes, I do still have a fridge magnet stuck to my filing cabinet at work!
  9. hmm, the plot thickens. This is a much more likely explanation than just EAs ramping on rightmove. However, will this not be detected though at the valuation stage of mortgage approval?
  10. After watching Fionaualalala on the BBC report, I think this really marks a change in attitude at Nationwide. They no longer care about selling mortgages (or so it seems after trying to price themselves out), so why do they need to ramp the market anymore? There definately was no ramping in that clip anyway.
  11. Furthermore, how will the upping of rates and more importantly, the reduced number of available products affect the nationwide indices?
  12. Nioe to see the BBC spinning this as 47% growth over 5 years. Exactly as predicted on this site, when yoy turns negative, the annual figures suddenly seem inappropiate. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7317303.stm
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