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  1. Yep, corrupt government spin doctors. I’m sure this will creep into Eastenders at some point. God bless the BBC…
  2. Figures issued by the Halifax and Nationwide - Don't read too much into this, especially if the BBC are banging on about it.
  3. You must realise that mainstream media do not publish, broadcast or promote Britain's true and harsh feelings towards Islam and Muslims. This is simply swept under the carpet. Let me assure you that Islam is not favourably looked on in mainstream Britain and that Islam is very much discriminated against in the UK, this is the case now and in the future. Islam will never get accepted in the UK. The media can't be seen to be anti-islamic in any way... Trust me your opinions echo that of 99% of non-muslims in the UK
  4. Blimey, only 25%... That is a conservative figure in my opinion. I’d would add another 5% - 10% to this figure and then add it to the negative growth % in Q2 – Q4 in 2008.
  5. M.F.I seem to be in trouble and on the brink of collapse every year... I'm sure this thread will reappear this time next year
  6. Could the main poster image be uploaded so that we can post it around all our towns and cities??
  7. They are getting what they deserved – “what goes round comes around”... Bad karma’s gonna get you. That is what you get for selling sub standard housing at unrealistic prices.
  8. I may be tempted if it was a 40% - 50% discounted sale... 20% isn't that attractive. Why pick Thursday - why not do this at the weekend instead?
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