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    Uk Service Sector Growth Slows

    Sums up my thoughts as I was reading this thread
  2. darkwelshman

    Do Banks Not Want Savers Anymore?

    Here's another one to add to the list - Monmouthshire Building Society wrote to me last week to say they wouldn't accept deposits into any of their ISAs after March. Anyone who wants to carry on as a cash ISA saver has to register for a new account, new passbook and everything else. Almost as if they don't want anyone to bother. The details on their website didn't make it any clearer to me why they decided to do that, so its good to hear people's thoughts here on other building societies and why they don't seem to want their savers any more. Something I wondered was whether this was a glimpse of the slow motion crash people sometimes talk about - I mean rather than all the banks freezing up and stopping savers from accessing their accounts as was apparently the threat in 2008, we've found ourselves in a slower, 5 year freeze up where savings interest rates went down, then they went below inflation, then they went down to levels you could barely call interest at all and now the accounts themselves are starting to vanish.

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