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  1. I think one of the reasons its called the brain drain is that only people with brains can figure out how to move overseas. Its not actually that simple and requires thought, the sort of thought that the brainless cant do.
  2. The brain drain happened in the 1960-1990's Whats left is the sludge in the sump of intellect. I have a brain, I brought a house in Florida and a house in Holland. There is no point in buying in the UK. I cant live in the US but if I could I would need a minimum of £300/month to live off. I own 100%. Its a poor life but its enjoyable because of the weather and the garden and the beach. To exist in the UK costs a minimum of £1700/month for me as I rent. Life in Holland is even cheaper as I dont have a car. As far as im concerned my case study is proof that England is a nation of slaves. W
  3. lol, at the end it says there have been concerns that the BTL parasites are pricing owner occupiers out of the market? such nonsense. They should become maths teachers and learn sums, thats not the case at all.
  4. Lol, if you read further it laments the plights of those that are UNABLE to sell their houses because they inherited them or and moved to work elsewhere. Oh the horrors of not being able to sell your house. Who wants to by a house anyway? Its not as though were suffering over crowding or anything, theres plenty all over the place. I wonder if they'll ever get round to considering 'reluctant tennents'? or 'accidental tennents'?
  5. This is more Government Non Action Police State Control mechanism implementation. If you read the article towards the bottom its all about how the BTL idiots need to be treated as consumers and given greateer protection as such instead of treating them as adults and business operators. Nany state anyone? It does say older people will not be able to get BTL which is in theory good as it will prevent all those desperate snazzy investors that are too sharp in their geriatric days to leave their huge piles of cash in the banks and invest in stealing young peoples incomes.
  6. To be honest, Mr Newbiw, its people like you that are the bane of the interwebs. People that pick holes in things. Maybe he was being racist, maybe not. An intelligent person would weigh the balance. You just had to let rip. I know who i'd rather see less off.
  7. What your describing is the truth. Its the ugliest part of our country too. Many BTL people are worthless sorts that can offer nothing but they get the idea they can get free money and relish the idea that people will work just to give them money. I beleive some people find the idea of BTL erotic and sexually arousing. Its a form of ownership. that sort of power should be not allowed to the greedy.
  8. Im already on plan B. I moved my money out of the UK into property overseas where I can visit regularly. I just think of it like I have some friends and im just off to visit them, alot. By Plan C is to buy a house in Whitehaven, Cumbria or a similar location for £80k or so. I nearly have the 5% deposit saved up.
  9. I have brought two houses since first joining this forum in 2008 ish or so. 1) Florida - $14,900 2) Amsterdam - E215,000 I refuse to contribute to this over inflated crap hole. when looking at the options I had to consider, do I WANT to live there for that money? The truth is, most places around here they would have to PAY ME TO LIVE IN. The powers that be just dont understand the concept of WANT vs the concept HAVE TOO They have created a country that people DONT WANT TO LIVE IN. as such, anyone with any brains leaves which is resulting in even bigger problems for the UK. Im still 'liv
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