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  1. Inflate your way out of the mess, that's the kiddie, do it quietly though, and over a decade or more, soon be paid off. I've not looked it up, but how many times did Merv get the figures right? or even near? I see nothing changing in the future, and expect inflation to reach at least 5% by January.
  2. I usually get shot down in flames on other places for this, but house prices are massively overpriced today. There is only really one winner in all this, the Banks who create money, and loan it out at interest over decades, great if you can get it.
  3. Not a chance unless inflation starts ramping up near 8-10%, more printing yes, just enough to keep a high of 5% if needed.
  4. Isn't the FED actually saying to the Banks, don't lend as much? isn't this the end result of holding more capital? As above, there are two options, we give them the capital now, or we bail them out tomorrow.
  5. I can't see how the Government could, or dare bail out the bond holders? surely if that happened all the cities/states would just default knowing the Government will pay off the holders of the debts? This could be big time stuff next week?
  6. I only take notice of the RPI and CPI as a gauge of the movement of inflation rather than what they actually us it is. If you take a look at your own personal inflation rate you'd more than likely be horrified as I was, its worth doing and quite easy to work out. Time is the important thing with inflation, small numbers will create massive changes over a few years, and if your personal inflation rate is 10% you'd better make sure your income is twice what it is today in seven years time.
  7. I'm just going on what I have seen, and I'll make this prediction as it has been working since 2009 at least. Most of us will continue to see our standards of living reduce over the coming years. Many (the blind) will see this happen pretty much overnight, and will have no idea why its happening and how, many of them will sink under its weight as they have not yet felt the real recession the Governments and Central Banks have been hiding behind the Xerox. UK growth (unless Labour get in and attempt the inevitable spend/borrow growth plan) will be near zero or negative for at least the next decade (unless some miraculous God like invention/resource is found) and the same will go for many Countries around the globe. I hear our politicians on a daily basis striving for growth, plans for growth, growth just around the corner????? from what??? how is that growth going to be funded when the funding does not exist to create it? As I've said previously, I'm not an economist, I'm not an expert, I have just opened the box and looked in, what I have seen and understood seems to work in the World around me, and I seem to have a better idea of what's happening and what may happen than the people who should know. (A tad worrying to say the least)
  8. Your right of course, although I can predict things seemingly much more accurately than the so called experts? From what nuggets I have gleamed over the years so far, real economic growth ended in the nineties, it will not return in anything like we have seen before as there is near nothing to fund it. Any signs of growth will be quickly followed by recession year after year, growth needs cheap energy, energy the world no longer has.
  9. One of many things that still amazes me? there seems to be one law for the majority, and one law (or no law at all) for the few, don't you just love legalised counterfeiting, great if you can get it.
  10. They'll keep both and others in the game as long as there's money to be made. Our rating agencies are grading various levels of S&*%, some S$&% is better than others though, nothing more. The UK? we are only in a slightly less state of fecked as we have and are continuing to hide/put off the problem for someone else (making it worse) probably our children if things get that far into the future (I doubt it)
  11. Quick introduction as I'm a new member. Forty six years old, happily married (25 years now) two great kids, run my own small joinery business and ever since the crash have pretty much on a daily basis been searching for why it happened. Seen and read plenty of information, quite an eye opener as many of you will have no doubt felt as well?, I have many days when I feel like I had not opened the box, kept living my life as I used to (as most do) with no idea whatsoever how the World actually works. Well, from literally thousands of hours of research, I keep coming back to one thing? Economic growth requires a few ingredients, two of the biggest are an exponentially growing money/debt supply, and top of the list, energy to fuel the growth. It seems both are in short supply in the cake mix today, and ever since the crash, both are either shrinking or not growing as they used too. From what I have seen, neither are likely to be cured in at least the next decade (possibly longer), and its about time our leaders realised this and altered our economies to fit a zero growth World or negative growth World. I see little evidence sub prime was the cause, sub prime seems to be a symptom of the real problem, not the problem itself, the lack of energy to fund growth is simply not available today. I have no economic background, I learned everything I know for myself, I have cringed every-time the IMF and co have made forecasts for various Countries growth patterns , and to date (five years plus) have out performed pretty much all of them by some margin? I'm a Jo nobody in this World, and yet I seem to have a much better grasp of what's happening and what will happen as we go on than the experts????? I'm in no way blowing my own trumpet here though, I'm just pointing out the fact these people seem to have no idea what they are doing or saying?
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