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  1. There'll be a lot of variation in IT, but I think it's true. Seeing similar in NW. Suspect people are sitting tight, waiting for COVID to pass and not taking a risk. Seem to be loads more roles than applicants. Maybe killing contracting will lead to higher salaries (for those in demand).
  2. I'm in a similar place. The clawback is on 'adjusted net income' not gross income. Put it into a pension?
  3. Yep, I've seen similar. Post Y2K and dotcom killed the jobs market for a long time, took off in a big way after the GFC. So it's left a big skills gap. JS is crap, but it's getting better. ES6 improved it and there's TypeScript. Low barriers to entry increase popularity, take up and awful codebases. All languages have their faults, but to do things with C, C++, Scala etc require a bit of smarts to get over the initial difficulties. 50K is a real ceiling for some esp those with kids. Best you can do is dump it in a pension, but the juice often isn't worth the squeeze (extra responsiblity, stress, transport etc) in going beyond it. HPI outpaced wages for a long time. Tech salaries over here are c**p compared to the US. Hopefully seeing a bit of catching up.
  4. Seeing similar in Manc for mid to senior level developer roles. Can't find people even at 50/60K which is historicially decent money. Just a few lemons of CVs. Job without some kind of remote component even less attractive. Companies that haven't invested in tech and are heavily people/face to face have had a bit of a wake up call with lockdown. Those with the tech have prospered, those without realise they need to catch up fast.
  5. I think the Gen X'ers that put down roots in their early 20s will have done ok. Even more so if they got into a bigco (or public sector) with a final salary pension scheme. Lots of Gen X'ers won't have though: Those that waited until late 20s/early 30s to buy Those hurt by the recessions in 2001 and/or 2008 Those who have upsized recently (could be about to get spanked) So a bit of a lottery really, some winners some losers. But enough to have an appreciation of how much things have changed to the detriment of the millennials though.
  6. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's correct. I had to do some online training about Whistleblowing and Bribery. One of the criteria for suspicion was not taking leave.
  7. They want to hide the fact that new builds are supporting the figures and existing resold property dragging them down. New build figures are distorted by the government backing the market. Anybody buying a new build at these inflated prices is falling into a trap, yet the government want them to keep on purchasing.
  8. No you'll still be better off. Say you earn £50K, and put £3650 into a pension. In 18/19 your monthly take home is £2908.24. In 19/20 it would be £2921.15. Pocket change, but not worse off.
  9. I'm always posting the older economist.com version of that, so thanks for the updated version.
  10. I'm often perplexed by the aggression and insolence of some Estate Agents. Can't work out if it's because they're useless ignorant twats or if it's an advanced sales technique. Taking Occam's Razor to it ... it's because they're useless ignorant twats.
  11. FTT tribunal decision https://decisions.lease-advice.org//app/uploads/decisions/act85/12001-13000/12486.pdf DM paints the freeholder as the wrongdoer, but there's a lot more to it.
  12. What was he thinking? Didn't apply for permission. Didn't defend himself properly at the FTT. Didn't just pay the £500 judgement fee. He'd improved the property (so long as he'd not made any structural changes) landlord would have trouble convincing a court any loss was incurred. The usual way this pans out is Landlord waits until tenant sells. Asks for a lot of money to account for breach of covenant, tenant pays as they lose the sale otherwise. Whole system stinks, don't buy leasehold if it can be avoided.
  13. Sold for a bargain £345K, jeesh. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=46768338&sale=6934717&country=england
  14. Still stupid around SK8, SK8 and to a lesser extent SK6 & SK2. I'm helping a family member search/buy. They have to move (later in life) and they can afford it, but I'm astounded by some of the asking prices I'm seeing. 30%/40% jumps on 2013 prices. So little for sale and so much kite flying. There's the odd one here and there a bit more inline with expectations. But for every one that's like that, there's 8 others that are record sale for the road + 10%. Can see it turning with this interest rate rise & section 24 biting, it's well overdue. FWIW I refused to get involved, moving would've cost the best part of £100K. Have extended and added 40% more floor space downstairs for £30K.
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