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  1. sisyphal

    Budget 2018 announced

    No you'll still be better off. Say you earn £50K, and put £3650 into a pension. In 18/19 your monthly take home is £2908.24. In 19/20 it would be £2921.15. Pocket change, but not worse off.
  2. sisyphal

    FED BASE RATE 2.25%

    I'm always posting the older economist.com version of that, so thanks for the updated version.
  3. sisyphal

    Weird Letters from Estate Agents

    I'm often perplexed by the aggression and insolence of some Estate Agents. Can't work out if it's because they're useless ignorant twats or if it's an advanced sales technique. Taking Occam's Razor to it ... it's because they're useless ignorant twats.
  4. FTT tribunal decision https://decisions.lease-advice.org//app/uploads/decisions/act85/12001-13000/12486.pdf DM paints the freeholder as the wrongdoer, but there's a lot more to it.
  5. What was he thinking? Didn't apply for permission. Didn't defend himself properly at the FTT. Didn't just pay the £500 judgement fee. He'd improved the property (so long as he'd not made any structural changes) landlord would have trouble convincing a court any loss was incurred. The usual way this pans out is Landlord waits until tenant sells. Asks for a lot of money to account for breach of covenant, tenant pays as they lose the sale otherwise. Whole system stinks, don't buy leasehold if it can be avoided.
  6. sisyphal

    To buy or to wait in Manchester?

    Sold for a bargain £345K, jeesh. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=46768338&sale=6934717&country=england
  7. sisyphal

    To buy or to wait in Manchester?

    Still stupid around SK8, SK8 and to a lesser extent SK6 & SK2. I'm helping a family member search/buy. They have to move (later in life) and they can afford it, but I'm astounded by some of the asking prices I'm seeing. 30%/40% jumps on 2013 prices. So little for sale and so much kite flying. There's the odd one here and there a bit more inline with expectations. But for every one that's like that, there's 8 others that are record sale for the road + 10%. Can see it turning with this interest rate rise & section 24 biting, it's well overdue. FWIW I refused to get involved, moving would've cost the best part of £100K. Have extended and added 40% more floor space downstairs for £30K.
  8. In all honesty I don't understand what the heck is going on. Beginning to understand more about it thanks to this place though. What they do, not what they say.
  9. Up to 0.75%. Never thought it would happen. The BOE dances to the FEDs tune then.
  10. Yep, that was DB's prediction, thought you were a regular on there too. You're right about banks and TPB pushing them though (hope I've not walked into a trap!). I set mine in motion a few months back, but just did did a search on google news and it's interesting: https://news.google.com/search?q=10 year fixed rate&hl=en-GB&gl=GB&ceid=GB%3Aen Lots of coordinated press. Pushing 10 year fixed mortgages from the government backed banks (Lloyds/Halifax). It's suspicious.
  11. That'll be me, Baaa. 2 year fixes are 1.85% (ish), so a 10 year fix at 2.48% was my choice of poison. May turn out to be a bad idea, maybe not. I did it based off the back of rising US interest rates and also took guidance from DB's thread. Maybe there won't be too much of an upside in the next few years, but it will hopefully offer protection against bad things in the last 5 years of the term.
  12. To clarify the title, the article's about Property Log not Property Bee. HPC thread here: https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/232856-property-log Interesting that it made it to a VI publication. Confirmation that the agents/VI/trolls are already here.
  13. sisyphal

    FED Up

    Roll on Thursday 21st. Not expecting a raise but it'll be funny to hear what BS the Canadian Mystic Meg comes out with next.
  14. sisyphal

    Implication of GDPR on credit checks

    I received a letter from Nectar about GDPR consent. I've never had a Nectar card, the letter was addressed to "The Occupier". I'm minded to request they let me know what they have on me, then remove it.
  15. sisyphal

    BoE ready to act. ... allegedly

    Guardian is as bad a source as you can get these days. They'll write any old s***e for clicks. Alternative source: https://www.fxstreet.com/news/boes-carney-economic-weakness-in-q1-likely-temporary-201805241934 Likely to take similar approach to policy as after June 2016 referendum in the case of ‘disorderly’ Brexit. BoE can tolerate lengthier inflation overshoots, up to a point, in exceptional circumstances. Rates to be driven by demand in economy if Brexit is smooth. ‘Gentle’ path of rate hikes expected dependent on the economy. Growing faster than 1.5% trend rate. Could need faster rate hikes than may conditioning path if investment recovers much more strongly. BoE’s Carney: economic weakness in q1 was most likely temporary. Entering ‘critical phase’ of Brexit process, monetary policy ready for all Brexit outcomes. Banks have liquidity for ‘cliff-edge Brexit’. Forward guidance increasingly vital as a result of Brexit supply shocks. Uncertainty over consumer spending in short-term. He says everything and nothing at the same time. Only got to keep this charade up for another year before he passes the buck to somebody else. His time in office will look like an unmitigated success. I know there's a BOE clueless thread on here, but I'm beginning to wonder if he's a genius. Printed like mad, barely touched interest rates and talked the markets into where he wants them to be.

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