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  1. Thanks everyone, will google ros , I am specifically looking newer blocks in aberdeen rather than the older developments, most of these apartments are 10-12 years old and are well maintained would prefer no factoring but it keeps the communal areas smart, a lot of the apartments that are forty thousand less are much older with more maintain e issues, the west end is to expensive for me the top price is £200,000
  2. Hello, I have been trying to buy an apartment in aberdeen for some time, 6 months or so, lately the good ones are coming on the market and being agreed in a week or two, I am looking at Bannermill bothwell area, there was one recently which was on at offer over £190,000, I offered £192,000 and was told there was 4 higher offers, I lost out, I cannot seem to find out what the price achieved actually was, does anyone know how I could, I know there is zoopla etc but they are always 3-5 months out of date, aberdeen seems to be bucking the trend, anyone out there have any better insight Cheers
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