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  1. I called on of those compare the market broker type companies and the person who answered the phone, stumped by my question, put me through to a person whom she sais was a lawyer. I am struggling to understand why I am getting hostility for asking the question - what do they do for the money! I would consider anyone who paid for something not knowing what they are paying for to be a fool.
  2. I just rang a lawyer and asked them what they did. . . Me . . . . . I am happy to pay I just wanted to know what I am paying for? Them . . . We ensure that nothing goes wrong. Me. . . . . .Why do I need to care if anything goes wrong, all I care about is that I get the money. I understand that the buyer needs a solicitor to do whatever checks are necessary and that solicitor will receive payment from the client and send me the cheque; that's it isn't it? Them. . . .Indeed but what if the money doesn't reach you. Me. . . . . . Then I'll report the lawyer to the police, the law socie
  3. Problem: You need to deposit for a house. Solution: 1. You save the money 2. You get the state to alter the fundament structure of a market economy to somehow magic you not needing a deposit. 3. You work together with those closest to you (your family) to pool your resources and help each other. 4. There is no 4 For some reason our society has somehow replaced family with the state, we are now a group of individuals who believe that he state should provide for all our needs. That is not how is was pre 1948 and it is not how it is man
  4. £300 is indeed peanuts; £300 less in out bank account isn't going to make a blip in our lifestyle. We'd be happy to pay £300 to a professional for doing something that needed doing I would just like to know what that is? Does anybody know what they would be doing?
  5. Get the deposit from your parents. I worked, scrimped and saved for 45 years. I planned a retirement expecting that by the time I got there the state pensions would be means tested and I wouldn't get it (plan for the worst and hope for the best). I gave both our children the deposit for a house. They now have their own children (we have grandchildren). My brother spent everything as soon as it hit bank. He bought both his children and new car on their 18th birthday. He's now retired with a small pensions and no savings. His children are both now in there 30's and living in his house.
  6. Just got some on-line quotes which range from £290 to £920 with every other number in between!
  7. It's a house my wife has owns (her late parents home). It was transferred into her name 15 years back as a gift before they died. It's being sold for £120k to a cash buyer. Why does she need a lawyer, all she wants is a cheque for £120k, I can understand why the buyer might want a lawyer and I can understand that their lawyer will want her to sign some documents but why would she want to pay another lawyer to do what?
  8. Are talking about the period where our forefathers risked and often gave their lives to bring civilisation and order to these disparate waring tribes and help them build the infrastructure to their country giving them the possibility of prosperity which they have since squandered?
  9. How many of those Muslim taxi drivers parked at the arrivals terminal at Mamchester airport paying tax. How many of those Pakistani taxi drivers (who are taking the jobs of Brits who could be driving those taxis) claiming welfare benefits, free education, free healthcare etc., Identify that cost and multiply it by a million and factor that into the equation! Then identify the negative impact their cultural values have on the cultital values of our forefathers whose blood sweat and tears built the country that give free welfare etc., and factor that into the equation!
  10. The problem with this report and the results it produces is that it relies upon the establishment for its figures and the establishment has admitted that it doesn't know how many (illegal) immigrants are here so they are not in the equation. Next is that schools, the NHS and other welfare services provide free education/health care/welfare to anyone who turns up at the door, no questions asked, and the amount that costs us is not included in the equation. Finally a lot of these immigrants bring with them a culture where corruption and cheating is their way of life and that cost to the econom
  11. You can tinker at the edges of the NHS machine reforming into a cost effective, efficient, value for money organisation will not be possible for a number of reasons. 1. To achieve that objective would mean massive change in terms of how they operate, their working cultural attitudes and years of re-education to change public opinion. 2. The management will not co-operate. 3. The staff will not co-operate and will resist any form of change. 4. Every other public sector union will jump on their band wagon. 4. The general public can't see passed the end of their noses and want everythin
  12. Stop all foreign aid and scrap DFID. Stop all immigration for anyone who has a bank balance less than 250k. Repatriate anyone who can't prove they came here legally. Leave the EU. Opt out of the Human Rights Act. Stop all forms of free or subsidised legal aid. Stop benefits for anyone unemployed more than 6 months Scrap motability. Reinstate the 'work house'. Introduce a public works programme with compulsory employment, on minimum wage, for the long term unemplyed. Scrap housing allowance benfits. Tighten up definition of disability for disability benefits. Compulsory armed ser
  13. Are there any reliable house price valuation tools? Zoopla has somehow accumulated a percentage rise / fall for house prices in a certain area but then seems to simply apply that to the last sold price presuming the last sold price to be the correct market value at that time? Also, in terms of sold prices, there are lots of free sites but which is the most accurate?
  14. I want: 1. Medium 2. High 3. High 4. Zero 5. Low
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