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  1. Did anyone actually understand the title of this thread, cheap food is over, its effect on society is about to be felt.
  2. After Greece defaults and they are proper poor, ie starving, watch the jack boots go on and the gloves come off, to be repeated to every nation that has got into "fantastic" debts, The Germans have so far prevented it, at huge cost and little thanks.
  3. I remember when the LEGAL limit for lending was about 35%, which party changhed the rules and when?
  4. As people thoughout Europe get poorer they will want scape goats, the costs of the EU are obvious to everyone exept mainstreem politicians.
  5. The wheels arn't falling off, they fell off a couple of years ago, bailouts and increased levels of unsustainable debts have hidden it, but for much longer?
  6. I'm quite frankly amazed its lasted this long, we're bust, end of story, how people haven't noticed that we're just like Greece, but a little later in time is beyond me, downgrade followed by default on new higher interest rates should have happened, but what has, is printing, gold will go back up and then into orbit, not because the value of gold will go up, but because the value of the pound will fall. People will blame the bankers, but it not them, its our politicians and via them, us, we wont accept reallity untill its too late, we are going to pay heavily for all this.
  7. The "auserity" wont last 20 years, its forever, and it will get worse, get used to be poor, the good times are over, period.
  8. The fact that QE has not brought back growth shows how much more we need to QE more, Haverstien was right all along.
  9. Pounds trading lower so looks like City agree more QE
  10. People see what they want to, I'd put inlation at about 3.5%, the "real" rate of inflatiion is given by the RPIX.
  11. £ 11,000,000,000 cuts with a GE 2 years away, brave and acting in the national interest, something Labour would never do.
  12. Closed, gone to Mexico, but my new job is going to India next year, oh the joy.
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