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  1. Yes, she began the process of selling off council housing.
  2. I would be delighted if prices dropped significantly. What these people fail to understand is that once you have bought it matters not (unless it is for a reason other than providing a home). If it was to rise to a squillion quid, it doesn't matter, unless you are planning to sell it to then live under a rock
  3. I worked that one out in the early 00s when parents at school were gloating about how much their house had increased in value. I distinctly remember looking at the kids thinking what about this lot? It didn't take much effort to join the dots.
  4. I would also like to complain about the miserly rate on my savings and would like some compensation. I would also like to take to court anyone who ever said to me to work hard and save.
  5. It reads like the definition of madness. Try hard, improve you qualifications and you will be rewarded by having less of a chance of buying you own home. This is not going to end well. At some point, people will wake up and notice. Going by what has been reported above regarding applicant numbers, I think they already have.
  6. Agree. It is the principle that some pay (again) whilst others don't. There should be no exemptions for prescription unless a serious condition and then only the medicine associated with that condition should be free
  7. Problem with that is that the hard of working will get the bennie ticket exemption and those actually working and paying for it will yet again be charged. A 10 pound charge that ALL pay plus a five pound charge for perscriptions that again ALL pay regardless. Will have the sjws up in arms mind
  8. Why would they stop? State falls over itself to chuck money at people with kids. It is only now, this week I think, that this is being limited to two kids. Sadly it is not retrospective. Im sure down the line there will be someone trying it on and taking government to court. "It's an infringement of my uuuman rights not to be paid for having 10 kids"
  9. Teacher training applications generally have been on a downward trend for about five years. For next academic year, they seem to be falling off a cliff.
  10. My parents were taught the same long multiplication method as I was. It worked. They could help me. Why change something that isn't broken? Fecking madness and one reason why we have an illiterate and innumerate population.
  11. There is a massive sector between school and university, it's called further education.
  12. It does or how can parents help and encourage if they were taught a different method.
  13. 250,000 per year did an apprenticeship in the 60s and 70s. These were a highly regarded career route. We forget that there was criticism of it on grounds of exclusivity.
  14. I think in part you are right. The biggest issue is 'trendy' teaching methods. I could not help my kids at primary with long multiplication because they were being taught a different method. I would have confused them plus it didn't make sense to me what they were being asked to,do. Why not just stick with the tried and trusted? That way, we all no how to do it and all of us can pitch in and help. No point in being clever if no one knows what the feck is going on
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