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  1. http://www.economist..._parasitic_city "...Keep that in mind when you read stories about Britain's struggling economy; its lagging growth and productivity performance, and its difficulties raising exports. It's largely down to those great vampiric beasts that bestride London's economy. You know, the homeowners." Interesting external view clearly showing the damage done to the broader economcy by artificially inflated asset prices. Similar observations (though less extreme) could be made of broader UK property market.
  2. They might have a much longer life - a pitifully short first life as gas wells, and a second life, once drilled out further, of several hundred years as interim storage for intermediate and high level radioactive waste. Now cumbria have said no to CORWM's first solution an alternative needs to be found for existing radioactive waste and using the residue drilling infrastructure would be ideal - + having pumped carcinogenic and radioactive materials in as part of the fracking process you will already know if there are likely to be hydrological or geological issues arising with a waste store. Could there be anywhere demonstrably safer within the UK? Your'e going to need to have an argument with the Nimbys anyway and pay them a bribe - why not solve two energy problems for the price of one? Several storage sites around the country could also reduce the need to move HLW waste around and the attendant security risks........... Any Nimbys underestimate what they are fighting.
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