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  1. Yours was axiomatically a better school than mine.
  2. Don't think that would put me off. If I had paid off my mortgage, I too might swan about in a nice car...till then, its a beat up old thing for me. Not necessarily decided - you guys have given us some food for thought. You dont make it easy on here do you! wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about where to avoid or wheres good in Timperley? Steady on! Is it not enough for you that we are opening up to Cheadle Hulme?? Well, I went through single sex education - ( ...is it that obvious)?? ....Would prefer mixed though, tbh. . . .But the exam results for these single sex grammars are
  3. Hm. Perhaps. It does seem to bea bit early to plan our enitre family life for the next 15 years?? . BUT if you dont plan it, it just happens anyway. We're going to live somewhere - so we might as well plan it - and try to improve the odds? Just looking at our last move, no time for a long story, but we were there for 8 years - it wasnt where we particularly wanted to be, but thats life. Now add children in schools to the scenario, and you know you are gonna be pretty much planted for the duration, hence trying to find somewhere to grow into, and a multitude of other criteria. We can't (at th
  4. OK OK I'm getting it!! However, I must say that hubbys colleagues commutes from Bramhall/Poynton/Cheadle (driving) arent that much quicker than his from Sale - which is why we started looking here in the first place. There are some real bottlenecks to beware of round there.... More importantly, very little ever comes on the market over there - theres probably more choice over this way....and thats saying something!
  5. Its good to have an insight. Its these kind of things that could get me to say 'maybe I will add that to the list of schools to visit' so it all helps. Ditto good areas or streets to live on that we might have overlooked due to being over cautious. I'm even having another look at Sale properties - and Cheadle Hulme so you never know!
  6. No, not a dumb question at all. Its just that we have little to go on, other than out of date ofstead reports, so playing safe and choosing the outstanding as opposed to merely good schools. So to answer, Hursthead comes out a lot higher on the national stats. Also have had a heads up from some teachers I know in the private sector, who send their children there. Its personal. My (limited) experience of average and even good are that they are neither. We have a child who is very far ahead academically (I'm not so naieve as to think that this will always remain the case) but the last thing I
  7. Raw nerve. Just spent quite a few months looking at Bramhall Cheadle, and finally decided on Hale area - you say excellent schools bramhall way. primary wise its Hursthead which just gets you into Cheadle High. Poynton has Lostock Hall, (which sounds amazing) but as a place - friends moved there and said they wished they'd not. Altrincham far outclasses the other areas in terms of number of outstanding Schools - primary and secondary it seems. Er...Town Centre, M56 cutting through everything?? OK, some good schools, but not too keen on the rest so far. Think I made the mistake of listening
  8. Ha ha. I can’t deny it. I’m find renting weird. Guess I’m hard wired for buying. For starters, we moved in here, (deliberately smaller than we need to keep us from comfort) being told by LL that we could stay as long as we needed, only to find after a few months that ‘they might need us to move out again soon’. So you never feel secure. We have a lot of stuff, ( 2 x work from homes plus all the usual). It’s a lot to have to keep lugging round. That said, it does make a lot of sense to rent, and hubby would be more than happy to just go rent in catchment, and spend longer getting to know area
  9. Absolutely. Sold prices plus Google maps together give a great insight into what a realistic offer might be. Will also use the 'not in a chain' currency. You never know. Good point about time of year - more buyers around can give the impression of a bubble. I guess winter means you might catch some more desperate sellers....could be worth hanging on a bit.
  10. Thank you Nomad for your considered response! Yes, the price range spread is with consideration of whether the property is liveable now or needs renovating before moving in - hence the latter kind would need to be at the lower end of £250, wheras if its livable and large enough up to around £350. Yes, we are primary school constrained and have looked at properties near Well Green, Oldfield Brow and Stamford Park so far. We currently live near the Woodlands area, renting, but not in catchment for Brooklands. I dont know, I think we would prefer to move Hale-wards? but will listen to any reaso
  11. Hi, We are newcomers to the area so we know very little about where to buy. Here is our story (I'll try to keep it as short as possible). We moved across from Leeds, as my husband had been commuting for a few years to Stockport and we needed to put an end to that horrible drive. We sold our house, in Leeds (at a minisucle profit which didnt cover the improvements we made to the house to get it sold - which it did, very quickly). We moved to Sale into a rented property with the idea that this would put us in a better position to buy. Weve been looking for months, and decided that we like
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