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  1. National governments never lost control though, which is why they are responding with out the EU.. the only good reason I ever saw for leaving the EU was disaster capitalism, truly the rest is just rubbish.
  2. Given that Brexit was a poor excuse to unleash disaster capitalism in the UK, Brexit backers whose interest was to trash the UK economy now have global opportunities in spades.. I can’t see Brexit being worth hanging onto in such circumstances...Brexit is back in the box..a petty squabble between neighbours...
  3. Oh and I never get a realistic answer from quitlings, but here there seem to be reasonable debate...so I am hopeful I can be convinced...
  4. I ask my self hourly and quitlings daily, what are the advantages of leaving the EU. Trade deal usually aligns product regulation, and service standards and sets up a court of arbitration somewhere which necessitates a part transfer of sovereignty. Are quitlings suggesting non alignment..to protect sovereignty of each county?
  5. The EU is only in relative decline with ROW, because it is richer and historically more developed. America too is in decline relative to the ROW for the same reason... EU doesn’t want to miss out on ROW growth, which is why it has trade deals with many countries... Go to South America and see the presence of Spanish banks, forr example, or see the Spanish train manufacturers selling outside the EU to see the opportunities
  6. But I don’t decide anything about laws, and unless you are an mp, or a high ranking lawyer etc nor do you
  7. Why does it matter where laws are made? Westminster feels remote and distant, but it’s three miles from where I live?
  8. I think brexit will just disappear, be kicked into the political long grass until an election..a few noises here and there, but not much else..no other country in the World sees the benefit of Britain leaving the EU..so why should any country spend any time trying to negotiate with a state that wants to go back to the 1950s...
  9. Why would politicians who allowed themselves to be so out of touch, suddenly rise to the challenge of running the country differently...Brexit doesn't change their complacency and indifference surely...
  10. As a remainer, what can I do to make a success of Brexit? How does "talking things up on the street" affect the decisions in global board rooms that decide the fate of the country? Advice welcome!
  11. It's when people say things like that that makes me think it won't be political Armageddon when Brexit is called off,,
  12. From the Economist: "The announcement that the plant is safe ends months of worry in Sunderland. One local with friends who work at the plant admits that he voted for Brexit himself. But like many, he says he was snubbing the politicians who had ignored decades of stagnation in the north-east, not attacking Europe. It now seems that those politicians have persuaded Nissan to secure the factory’s future." Looks like Brexit is off then...
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