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  1. dread the thought, that earn 40-50K (personally wouldn't get out of bed for) Um er ----I know loads of people earning that-----NOT!
  2. Back to Carol.Sure,I signed the petition but I guess that she gave the rights to broadcast that s--- ad to the company concerned so even if she sees the error of her ways I guess it won`t be pulled.
  3. Agreed.Have friends near Valentia and they said that it was still going up but NOTHING was selling.So I guess it will all start going down until something does sale.
  4. http://www.moneyweek.com/file/9842/whats-p...use-prices.html From Money Week----more warning shots!
  5. Seen it all now.`Right to buy`discount comes to the private sector!
  6. As a sales agent to retail outlets I am amazed that so many have hung on.Daily I hear tales of doom and gloom.This really started last year,but has seemed to have got worse as christmas sales did`nt really happen leaving retailers with un-sold stock so therefore they bills that they are struggling with. In conversation,some of my customers are mewing or borrowing just to keep their business running.
  7. ``Some of you may not like it, but I have no problem whatsoever with individuals doing this. The banks are not your friend. Most of you have watched the Money Masters video, you know how it all works. I have worked hard in the private sector, got to a level with good pay only to have the carpet pulled from under me by the central and subsidiary banks making credit available to every lazy ****** without a job. The up-shot of this tide of cash is of course rampant asset inflation which has virtually evaporated all the benefits of working. Wage inflation is non-existent. Real inflation is out
  8. As I have posted before,there is serious retail problems.Am I right in saying that Obersturnbannfurer Bruan said that the ``economic miracle`` was retail led?What I am experiencing from my customers is now approaching total doom and gloom.Just returned from a visit to hotelier friends,from last year onwards their receipts are falling in an alarming fashion. Seems to me that folks are now running out of credit lines and can spend no more!!!!
  9. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/hou...5&in_page_id=57
  10. I wonder how far out Rightmove is with their prices.Does anyone know of any property advertised on the and the actual selling price?
  11. I have seen a number of posts from folks that seem to have quite a bit of knowlage regarding Spain.I have found it difficult to obtain much info on rental values{no not intending to BTL off-plan}.Any ideas please?
  12. The madness just gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thankyou all for your points.When it`s said that cash is dangerous to hold does this refer to inflation?As far as the stock market is concerned I am really very cautious having invested a large sum just before the crash 5 years ago.It has recovered fully and I have just cashed in with about a 5% gain.
  14. Had a call from a friend yesterday complaining that trade was bad and he was thinking of ways to make more money.BTL,I think that`s agood idea he said.Bearing in mind that at age 47 he bought a new build house for 170k with borrowed deposit only a year ago I was gob smacked.How much would a flat be your way I asked.Oh,about 100k was his reply.Grabbing a calculator,I did the math.Ahhhhh,I think you are going to be in for about a -1% return if it all goes smoothly I pointed out. My take on it is that if more people had good mates like me,I think the BTL boom would grind to a rapid halt!!!!!!!!!
  15. Kirstie Allsopp's Dream Room The property expert and presenter of Channel 4's Location, Location, Location designs a bedroom filled with feminine charm. What would the floor be like? I would have a wooden floor with a floral kilim peeking out from under my bed. My mother is an interior designer and she bought me a beautiful kilim for my living room recently. How about bedlinen? I love bedding by the Volga Linen Company, 01728 635020; volgalinen.co.uk, £320 for a quilted double bed cover. And I try to buy Egyptian cotton sheets with the highest thread count I can afford. What window trea
  16. I have 100k plus to invest but as I am in my 50`s I really would like to advoid high risk.The mortgage is paid off and my wife and I have fairly modest private pensions to look forward to.Apert from ISA provisions does anyone have any good ideas?
  17. Was a bit surprised to hear from my nephews partner,who is employed by a Reading EA,that they are very busy @ the mo.Said that before Christmas it was slow but this has now changed.Reading,where a ultra small 2 bed terrace is 160k!Mind you they are great if you want to get fit,you get to park about 5 streets away if ya lucky!
  18. The future economy of the Country relies on small business - unfortunately Crash Gordon believes in bleeding small business dry :angry: Love the above comment.Been a small businessman for over 20 years---phew wonder why I bother.Most of the time I have felt that I am taking it up the rear end from landlords,VAT,banks,suppliers and of course customers!So dear old T.Bliar + G.Clown say we have a life line----go bust,just to encourage start up businesses.Ah,once again,shot them selves in the foot-----think they have just encouraged a whole bunch of folks that have no connection to running busin
  19. SSIA is something which I have been told about.However I have been told that when that kicks out retailers are expecting a bonanza. Billy,I understand what you are saying but does nobody there feel that this may well be ``pass the parcel`` but in reverse.so when the music stops someone will be holding a pile of overpriced sh-te.A game only for the brave imho.
  20. House seller Ian Jones, aged 32, currently trying to sell a two-bedroom flat in the marina said: "I will believe it when I see it. "I have had my property on the market for four months at a realistic price and still no real takers. "It is not what it once was.'' That`s more like it!A friend who has loverly house in Morriston,Swansea needs to sell.Started @ £160,000 four months ago and despite a 20k drop to £140,000 has had just one viewing.
  21. Chatting to an old mate in Dublin and he told me this.Where he lives,on a council estate,a 2 bedder house has just fetched £350,000{500,000 euro}.Now I cannot understand how over the long term this is going to be affordable,wages would appear ot be quite a bit lower than say London.How`s it done?What is going on?
  22. Hi Billy,always enjoy your posts.Indeed didn`t those houses stick back in the 90`s.I remember one guy who tried to shift his house by selling raffle tickets!We tried for a very long time to move home and despite around 15k of improvements we sold @ 2k less than we gave forit some 9 years later.With rental returns in some cases being negative,when IRs go up{and I am sure they will} it will be the btl brigade that have purchased in the last 2 years all bailing out @ the same time.Pretty good HPC trigger I would think!
  23. But TTRTT,did you dee the first reply to the thread? I think you should sell up, your going to be writing these letters every three months by the sounds of things.
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