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  1. I`ve just spent 15 jaw dropping minutes going through this thread.IT BEGGERS BELIEF.I cannot believe just how mad these prices are.Is anyone buying these bits of old c-ap?
  2. I live in Devon.£29k,certainly not the figure that I would say is the average,more like £15k.Thankfully I work for a northern based company so it does`nt greatly effect me.However house prices are not short of the South East costs.
  3. Fred,old son,how right you are.I guess folks our age remember the 80`s,the unemployment,the tragedy of the miners strike,selling off of council houses.I also recall the early 90`s,I returned to visit my home town of Reading.The Oxford Road,once a busy place full of independent shops, many boarded up.I was approached by a young teenage girl who asked for money.Crap times.Yet sadly I see a similar situation in the future.I`m sad to say ,that as a third generation labour party supporter I`ve given up on the lot of them.Tory,Labour , all a bunch of self servicing sleaze bags.
  4. Am I glad I removed my portfolio off the market a couple of weeks ago.In part,something I read hear made me uneasy!
  5. Ahhhhhhhh,but they start so young now!A nephew,18 years old,on a couple of hundred quid a week has gone for a £15k loan on a car!Couldn`t talk him out of it!
  6. I`ve been twitchy regarding the market fer a while now.Took a large chunk out at around 6000 points.Think I may have{for once}got it about right!
  7. Can`t really argue with that!
  8. I`d be very interested{as there seems to be a lot of informed posters}to have opinions on just how far interest rates could rise over,say,the next 5 years?
  9. For those who think this Government will bail them out of debt, your dreaming. Mr Joe. Yea,but no,but they told me the government wouldn`t let it happen.
  10. I must have missed something there.The owner of The Express is Richard Desmond.Back in the 70`s he and I were both in the music industry,him selling space and me selling guitars and we new each other quite well.Guess what,I`m still selling guitars!
  11. Easy to get credit is my take on this.I cannot see any other way this is continuing.I guess it`s all about debt servicing.As long as you keep the re-payments coming it`s O.K.There have to be a bunch of folks who live on a diet of baked beans to keep that SUV on the road!It`s gonna end in tears!
  12. Agreed.I have a friend self employed,£30k ish a year,just got a loan to pay his tax.He did`nt factor that in when he purchased his new £160k house.Mind you it`s on three floors with a toilet on each.That might come in handy at a future date!
  13. Reading this thread whilst talking to a customer who owes me a goodly sum and is talking of going bust.I think it is around £7k minimum!
  14. First class post Hedi.I remember only to well the 80`s,got caught up with it myself. The hype today though is incredible.Spoke to a business man this week who to;d me that house prices are still increasing @ 20% per annum.Whilst there are people like that ,no wonder the whole charade is holding up{for the moment}.
  15. http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/foru...topic.php?t=837
  16. Well it`s not cheap to buy a Cash Converter franchise.In real terms about £250k available cash is required if you factor in available funds to cash cheques,and some of these may well be dodgy ones.Also there are ongoing franchise costs,rent.staff business rates and so on.However if the economy goes tits up then maybe it will be a great place to off load all the gee gaws that folks have built up to pay the mortgage!
  17. http://news.independent.co.uk/business/com...ticle362310.ece
  18. One third of Irish have trouble paying bills No wonder when they are banging out ex council housing in Dublin for 500k euro.
  19. I think if you go along to Cash Converters you will find that they offer car equity release.Must admit those shops are pretty strange!
  20. Not been up that way for a long time but as I recall there are some nice semi-rural places around there.Here in Devon any village property is so very over priced.
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