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  1. Last evening,clutching a pint of chilled beer,I sat on the sea front @ Porthcawl in South Wales.I was truly amazed at the amount of very expensive cars passing by.I commented it was like being at the motor show.Loads of 30k plus cars,just one after the other.Arrived home and looked at house prices there,gob smacking.This is S.Wales,not really known for it`s high wages.
  2. And the next post read---- Typical way in the UK. Here I am struggling to afford a house working my guts out 6 days a week, never once taken any benefits and renting. I should have just sat back and let the Government and all the tax payers pay for me. I take it when you say you cant prove your income it is because it is all benefits or cash in hand.... Why if you are both on benefits, do you have £10,000 in the bank? Well it really does say it all.However I thought we all had to be really nice to each other on MSE!
  3. http://www.a-quick-sale.co.uk/ Check out the movies,complete with well moody music!
  4. Well I`ve nothing to add to that.Fantastic post!!
  5. Friend has knocked off £40k,yes £40k for a really nice house in Swansea.Been on the market since Christmas.Sold @ £125k.
  6. Great post.Of course it`s not asking too much.I am dumbstruck at the attitude some people have to money.Friends,even members of my own family have seemed to have lost the plot.A nephew of mine,earning just above the minimum wage has been lent £15k to buy a new car with.He`s 18 years old.
  7. Me I pulled out just before the nose dive and have no intentions of going in for a while.In the same way I could do a couple of btl`s with no mortgage but deffo wouldn`t go there now.Just feel it`s all over valued.
  8. Just wondering how far the fall will go this week.
  9. Oh I guess that`s Ok then.As houses always go up they will worth about a squillion pounds---lol
  10. I know of a number of people ``buying`` their properties on an i/o.Do the lenders ask for some capital repayment vehicle{like the old endowment arrangement}?
  11. Phew------he certainly knows his stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT
  12. So if you are a ftb with a i/o do the lenders ask for some proof of a savings vehicle to pay off the capital?
  13. Billy hi,have you seen any pics of these houses?Are they of traditional bricks and mortar design?
  14. drhewitt how ya doing.Yes Cornwall,really bad wages and average house price £195,000.Lived there my self for nearly 10 years.Now live over the boarder in Plymoth,Devon quite a bit cheaper but a so so city.W.Sussex---pricey.Hastings and a few other places were not too bad but I think it`s going up there.Wales,hmmmmm now that was O.K up to a couple of years ago{with a few exceptions}.can still buy a refurbed 3 bed terrace for around £85k in fairly easy reach of Cardiff.
  15. Ask TTRTR.It`s the same license he uses to get back from Sweden!
  16. Is this trees fellow really THE Bruno of``Strs are in a no win situation``?
  17. I think I might well stay put for the moment.Where in the U.k do you hope to buy?
  18. Exactly the same 30 years ago,banks did exercise diligence and caution.
  19. So if £170,000 is ``affordable`` how much would the monthly repayments be over 25 years?
  20. Just seen these``affordable`` houses on the t.v.The presenter said that the average cost, when the price of the land is factored in,is SCROLL DOWN £175,000-------national average house price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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