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  1. I am a self employed area manager for a multi line import company in the entertainment business.Many of my contempories{I am some 34 years standing in the industry} are saying that this is the worst period that can be remembered.The recession of the 90s was bad enough,but this is some thing else.I control a large area with a huge data base of customers,and,if I was any younger,would consider a change of career.
  2. Just briefly,I had a conversation with a customer,who is a builder, in Somerset today who told me an interesting story. He says that there are a lot of repro properties coming on the market and being handed over to EA/auction houses.Now,according to this customer,these properties,by law,have to be advertised before sale.According to him,the EAs/auction houses are advertising this, but out of their area, to keep their local market bouyant.I am sure someone will come along on this forum who will know a little more.
  3. http://www.viviendadigna.org/?foros/viewfo...b40535ca610bcdd
  4. we are now, as a nation, spending more than 20% of disposable income servicing all our various debts, including mortgages and credit cards. This proportion was exceeded only once on record and that was - you guessed it - back in 1989-1990 I`m amazed that it is only 20%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. So what is happening I guess ia the rich will always be rich.The welfare class,depending on how many kids or whatever do O.K,and the middle class get burned by taxes.Seems to me that some of the welfare class do better than the middle class.
  6. Well I guess,the longer they leave rates where they are,the more bitter the medicine later on.Now old Thatch and Major,there was a pair that didn`t mind raising the rates and boy,did that smart at the time!
  7. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=229678
  8. Do you have a link please.In fact I did buy The Times last Saturday but can`t remember much about housing issues.
  9. Must admit I did like the ad with Carol.This is your house-yes Carol fink I can grasp that-This is your equity-Duh,fink I knows wot ya means-And you can borrow up to 125% of that-Wow Carol fanks so much.Now I can go to Curries and buy a brain!
  10. Something that has puzzled me for a long while is the apparent change in peoples attitudes.Up to before the great house price inflation imho folks seemed to have a different take on money.People saw money as the thing that was in your pocket/bank account.Now it`s something called equity. Houses went up steeply in the 80`s.I kind of remember there was something of a realease of equity then but as I recall it was used for home improvements.I witness in my own family crazy borrowings.Mum and Dad do a bit of release and buy a car,holiday and so forth.That`s then followed by the kids taking out il
  11. Thanks for the above post.My feelings nicely summed up.
  12. But this is exactly what the madness is about.Purchased in 1999,decent 2 up,2in the middle ,2 down late Victorian terraced,spent a few grand painting,new windows,kitchen and stuff and now valued at £120k.Paid £34.5k for it.That`s over 300%.now where the heck has that come from.Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. One great post.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. You live in Plymouth,world famous for it`s lovely views{not} for the first time visitor disembarking at the Brittany Ferry port.Saw a one bed flat in the estate agents window at £400k,yep £400k,mind you the sea views were probally stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Don`t know about Barcelona but I have friends living inland near Valencia.My thoughts are that property is hugely overpriced and is likely as not to crash pretty soon.As far as the cost of living is concerned,they live on about£120 a week.Bear in mind they like a meal out and they both smoke and drink! Their council tax is ,I think,around 250 euro a year on a three bed villa.Alao my experience of public transport there is good and not expensive.I would imagine that the cost of living in Barcelona is going to have something of a premium.Per haps you may find this link useful http://spain.othe
  16. This morning I was talking to a Dublin guy.My,the Irish are borrowing like mad.If it isn`t for a btl portfolio it`s for the latest 5 series.Madness abounds.Ex-council houses in an OK part of Dublin going for half a million euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now it seems to be spreading north of the border.I get the impression that N.I has had a fair bit of hpi since I was last there a couple of months ago. My bet is that Eire and Spain are right on the edge.Won`t take much for the whole thing to fall on it`s back.
  17. Fullyagree.Not met a pensioner yet who ``conspired`` in hpc.In fact there are many poor pensioners in the U.K.I think the figures show that the average works/private pension pot is around £30k.Although I have not yet retired,I am a lot older than most of the posters here and I hate hpc.Some of the comments on this thread are downright insulting to many older folk who are very concerned about younger folks.As Clouseau says,use your intelligence,blame the money men who are behind this ridiculous state of affairs!
  18. Living in Plymouth those figures are about right.we are considering a move to Weston-Super -Mare which I think is much nicer and just that bit cheaper.
  19. If some dumb NuLab law comes in that prevents banks getting their property back, then lenders will compensate and make sure they only lend to safer borrowers Perhaps not such a bad idea?
  20. Just a thought.With Spanish properties in general heading south I wonder,with probable IR`s on the way up here,what would happen in the following example.Mr Englishman mewed his house on a property in Spain worth say £200,000 in 2004.S--t hits the fan here,IR`s goes up and Englishman cannot afford the mortgage on Spanish property.The Spanish bank with whom the mortgage is with comes along and repros the premises.Auctions off for say £120,000.What recourse would they have persuing Mr.English to make up the difference?
  21. Come on.Are you really Bruno?
  22. The average wage in Spain is very much lower than here so the chance of moving on your investment property{koff koff} to a local is pretty much non existent.Very little is selling in the Valentia,Alicante area and I very much expect to see some of these new build sites come to a grating halt by the end of the year. The chances of renting to cover the mortgage in Spain is imho impossible and clearly the bail out is starting.Inter continental repros,scary thought!
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