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  1. Well pretty happy myself.Mortgage paid bar £5k and a a six figure sum in savings.Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Old party member here,but then I quited years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The only thing I can think of is wether or not properties are ramping up because of the high cost of property in the rest of Devon.I would say that next to Exeter,Plymouth is going to be the easiest place to find work.I work for a company some 250 miles from Plymouth to get a decent income.I am able to work a lot from home. My wife,who like me is from the south east,works for a local company and frankly the pay is a joke.I am fortunate to own my property here but I really do not know how people can get a foot on the market who ``enjoy`` local wages.
  4. Baby boomer here.Yes guys,I have sympathy for a lot of younger folks but ffs blaming us boomers for all the ills in the world is pretty dumb.Do you think that in 1980 we all had a big meeting and said lets screw things up for our kids?I don`t fink so!
  5. Well according to Wrongmove I guess properties are about 8 to 10 per cent up on about 6 months ago.No idea who is buying them tho!
  6. Didn`t think Highbridge still existed.In EA speak they call it Higher Burnham------lol.It is a bit of a dump!
  7. Can`t remember which loan firm it`s for but the one that cracks me up is hubby on the phone with wifey next to him.Her face turns from glum to look like she is having an orgasm and they both end up sharing the phone as the nice lady gives um 25k.Very sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi from Pymouth.I read in a magazine that for some reason{not explained}that Plymouth was about to become a ``hot spot``.Looked on wrongmove today and was gob smacked.In Stoke there are a lot of 2 bed houses the same as I have.For a good while they have been £120k ish.Today one very close to me is on at a tad below £135k.Other properties in the area have also risen since I last looked.
  9. http://www.fool.co.uk/news/comment/2006/c0...ioowftxt0010011
  10. It`s called an IVA I believe.These companies nogatiate on your behalf a debt reduction with your creditors.Getting 40% off is more likely than 75%.They try to get charges and interest frozen and set up a regular repayment plan for 5 years. However these companies charge you where as CCCS and Payplan do the same thing for nothing.
  11. Oh heck----is he saying that property doesn`t always go up?
  12. Hi from Plymouth.There is a rumour that Plymouth is about to become a ``hot spot``.This was even mentioned in a national mag in passing.The question is------why?I can only think that it is because Plymouth is the cheapest place in Devon and maybe it is catching up.Exeter,the other major city is far more pricey than Plymouth.Any ideas?
  13. The reality is these people are thieving from the state.Most of them are probally to thick to realise that but that is the truth.I am sure most people reading this are tax payers,it`s our money that is being stolen.I run a small business,tough going at times,stressful and time consuming.When I have a good year my tax bill is huge.A couple of days late in paying it results in a fine.Also an unpaid tax collector for V.A.T.,**** that one up and you are in real trouble. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. Recently I bumped into a girl that was at school with my son.She told me that she was pregnant
  14. I know LOADS of people shafting the welfare state.One b4stard,the father of one of ex-employees hasn`t worked since he was 25{he`s now about 60}.Has fathered 3 kids,owns a bigger house than mine and when he got wind I was refurbing a property he was first in line to see if I had building work for him.What with his bad back!Oh,and his wife doesn`t work----spose she`s his carer. Don`t know if it is because the city I live in has been in the past fairly poor but the amount of people who see no harm in screwing the stste is alarming.There`s quite a bit of girlfriend on sickness bennys{often becau
  15. If you thimk Plymouth is a bit naff you should have seen it 20 years ago.Looked like something from a rundown part of Eastern Europe.In fact,I come from Reading.Have you seen the state of that of late!Although wages here are lower,there are some nice places to visit!
  16. In fact the average house price here in Plymouth is £152,000.The more``pretty`` parts of Devon is where the big money is.Exeter,the other main Devon city,again is more expensive than Plymouth.Both cities by far provide much of the employment in the region.
  17. My guess is that a lot of the people with I\O mortgages are making no provision what so ever to pay back the capital.Some might say that over the 25 years they will ``put something away``.My guess it`s all going to be very interesting when these loans come to an end!
  18. Yes,I am of the same generation too.I wonder why it the 50 somethings that are in so much debt?
  19. Well I am amazed that the worst culprits are those in there 50`s.Thought that was the time when you might be spending less.How wrong am I!
  20. I think that sort of thing happened in the crash of the early nineties.My 58k mortgage shot up to nearly £800 at one point!But at least I had the income to cover it.
  21. I can only say that my heart goes out to that poor guys family.
  22. Exactly,that is my point.If the person could release the equity it would go a long way to paying off the debt.The way things could pan out,is the person could find her 2 btls becoming part of a forced sale and receive something less than in money terms than expected.
  23. I guess the following link shows us where it is all going to end up! http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=244397
  24. Exactly.I have seen people running up crazy debt believing the miracle economy rubbish.Oh how they laughed when I reminded them of Thatch`s economic revolution.``It`s different this time`` they wailed.Your are sure correct in saying that the time to prepare for a down turn is at the start of a boom. I work in the entertainment business and trade has been well down for nearly 2 years.We are alraedy seeing record bankrupties and if I am correct,higher than 1992 house repros.Goodness knows what the outcome will be if IRs go to 6%!
  25. I had business during the last recession and believe me the strain it caused was enormous.Although I still have a small business at least this time I am debt free but please,please don`t wish for another recession like the 90`s.
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