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  1. All part of the conspiracy between the banks and their boys in government to keep debt and asset prices high and wages depressed. Can't have people casting off their shackles can we.
  2. Don't you think this is just life catching up with reality? I think many of the things people have come to believe and expect from their lives is about to abruptly change.
  3. Does this mean HPCers would be well advised not to breed?
  4. I only heard parts on the wireless. Did Osborne's eyes light up when Dave mentioned squeezing the middle?
  5. I wish those people with £249 to spend would do exactly that. It's what the BoE demand. Spend for Britain.
  6. Were the people driving them all boomers with free bus passes, 400 BTL properties and winter fuel allowances?
  7. How would they then charge never ending interest on money they did't loan? Don't be a silly slave.
  8. Was the conclusion to 'suck it up'? If people are still buying up properties, I can't see where this HPC is going to come from. With price inflation brewing it can't be long before wage inflation catches up.
  9. I don't think you should be taxed in the frist place just to have the money returned to you.
  10. If only everyone's income was distributed via the goverment's bank account. That way they could make all the deductions necessary to ensure every comrade received the same amounts.
  11. I suppose it's quite annoying that he can do things you'll never be able to afford?
  12. It's a good move by Ed. Under Labour's watch house prices were still strong. The coalition have been in the job five minutes and already house prices suffered the largest one month fall. Combined with the loss of child benefit, the middle classes are being hammered by a Tory government. Who would have thought it. The middle classes feel secure when their housse prices are strong. Oh dear Dave.
  13. Wouldn't it be funny if people who used their homes as ATMs ended up owning their homes outright as a consequence of this. They'd have some equity to borrow against then.
  14. Run along and buy a house now. There's a good boy.
  15. So, take away the benefits with one hand, prop up the banks with the other.
  16. Vince suggested that Labour fellated the city whilst in office. Does anyone really think the current crop will bring change to punish their old school buddies in the city? Where will they earn a crust after the next piece of theatre in five years time? Shall we kick the sh*t out of a benefits claimant instead? That will cheer us all up.
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