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  1. I found this infographic from www.currency.co.uk, which explains the top destinations for UK citizens to move to and their demographics: This made me wonder, can anybody find something similar which discusses the amount of expats who move into the UK? Would be very interesting to see how they compare.
  2. I didn't need IKEA to tell me how to make space out of the very little I have.. I've NEVER lived in a big place so I've always been creative in my own little ways.. I wouldn't buy in to what IKEA recommend. You can do much more without them! I bought 12 months worth of Ideal Home form magazine.co.uk when it was on offer- the internet and magazines are full of great ideas that you don't need to buy into, but get ideas & inspiration from to go and do it yourself for a whole lot cheaper!
  3. This is a very true statement. London is a dark place behind closed doors.
  4. Many, many many places are better than the UK! The privileges are great but I think well-being and happiness can be found in many other countries.
  5. So are you going to move out? I'd have words with the landlord ASAP!
  6. Those who believe they're free are indeed the ones who are enslaved
  7. Things like this really grind my gears. If we all bought local we could stop this craziness! It's a shame Amazon are so damn handy & efficient.
  8. I'm still not sure whether to buy or rent.. Such a huge & tricky decision..
  9. I never thought I'd be on a pension scheme. I got a new job last month and feel rather privileged that I'm now already on the way to prepare for my pension!
  10. Unfortunately not. Although I've had current accounts with both banks previously and found the Bank of Scotland deliver far better service to their customers.
  11. It could well be the dividing point. I'm behind this 100%, though. This country can feel very cramped, but if you look on Google Earth, there's so much spare land.
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