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  1. Collected coins and chemical elements. Bought a share in an autogyro and learned to fly.
  2. I disagree. If you can shaft the greedy *******, do it. Hitting landlords in the wallet is the only language they understand.
  3. I'm a teacher, and I work Saturdays. I've just finished a full morning of teaching. Next weekend I'm away with the CCF cadets all weekend, which means I'll work 13 days on the trot. I do get a rent-free flat out of it, though, so I'm not grumbling really. But I wouldn't teach in most state schools in a million years. 1. Behaviour 2. Silly paperwork/inspections/daft educationalist ideas being constantly spouted 3. Pay. Certainly the pay alone wouldn't put me off; the others are far more important.
  4. I get a lot of adverts popping up on FB for all manner of crackpot landlord-rentier/buy-to-let nonsense. I quite often amuse myself by airing my views. Usually they are angrily dismissed, or ignored. Tonight I had a lengthy debate with an 'entrepreneur'. Thought you might be interested in reading it (very long!)... Me (answering the Q of whether the new tax regime will affect my plans): It won't affect my decision, as I'm not a greedy parasitical *******, so I'll maintain my "portfolio" at zero, and stick to working or investing in the productive economy, rather than sponging off the state an
  5. Unless I'm mistaken, some of the floor plans for the 1 bed flats show that the bedroom has no windows?
  6. I've just joined Mumsnet so that I can add my thoughts about her claim to be a 'big state socialist', while owning two houses, renting one out, and talking about buying two more.
  7. A few anecdotals re. landlords selling. A friend of mine is selling a house near Sheffield - 'accidental' LL (couple who both had their own place previously). £80k, £450 pcm rent. Has had major problems with some tenants in the past. Professes to be generally quite left-wing and probably feels guilt too. Sheepish about my constant anti-landlord bombardment on Facebook. Another friend, similar situation, in Gateshead, told me she was planning to sell. Having my haircut in the West End, very upmarket place (one of my only concessions to luxury). Lots of bankers, fund managers etc. seem to go t
  8. Quite. I don't own a house. My mother, 68, widow, owns a 3 bed semi in the UK, two adjacent holiday flats in France, another flat in France which she rents out to students, and a garage in France, which has a couple of bikes in which she never rides. She has a gentlemen friend in France, a widower, who also has a house and a flat (and boat), so spends most of her time with him anyway, rather than in one of her two flats. She is talking about buying another garage "as an investment". I've made my views clear on that one. She's by no means from a wealthy background - just your typical boomer tea
  9. Teaching in a boarding school, largely because it avoids the problems of renting or buying. Really nice accommodation free of charge, no council tax, fixed water and utility charges. Unusual hours and work on Saturdays and some Sunday's, but quite spread out and 20 weeks of holiday per year. Meanwhile, try to save quite a bit, but not at the cost of enjoying myself (flying - quite an expensive hobby), and slowly stock up on gold, coins, and tinned food in case TSHTF.
  10. I am in a similar position, although I don't pay any rent, and have considering doing something similar. Like you, I couldn't face being a landlord in the conventional sense. But surely renting it out for, say, £100 a month, is a great solution. The place isn't wasted by standing empty; the tenants get a long-term stable home at a fantastic price; you get enough to cover maintenance etc. I can't see anything morally objectionable about that.
  11. Just look at the size of the twigs in that vase in photo 7! No wonder the place has doubled in value.
  12. Here's another "property developer" in a spot of trouble with "cash flow": http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3177338/Divorced-63-year-old-man-making-1-000-week-renting-rooms-thrown-Airbnb-woman-visitor-gave-long-massage-lodges-complaint.html
  13. Definitely. If you raise the rent, the yield will be 7%.
  14. Why not buy both? In fact why not buy several in both locations? You can't go wrong with bricks and mortar, after all. The more you have, the more rent you get and the more capital appreciation too. Win win! Or you could get a proper job, invest in something productive, stop trying to milk other people's earnings, and give other people a chance to have a proper home of their own to live in instead of trying to capture a big slice of their income yourself.
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