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  1. I have given notice, 30 days, to my agent that I'm moving out. They say the notice must coincide with the anniversary date of the agreement, and that my notice is 14 days too early. I wondered, as the initial fixed period was 6 months (the contract switched to rolling after that), which has long past, back in October 2013, am I really obliged to align my notice period with the anniversary date? Can't I just submit notice when I see fit, and not be forced to pay an extra 14 days rent?
  2. Thanks for the feedback, seems I may be overly concerned about the wrong things!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I looked into Commonhold - it's not without problems, but still may be easier than running an LTD? Not sure... I presume I am right in regards to fines and such for mismanaging an LTD - those fines will come straight back to the flat owners? And who's going to run the LTD, and how will the other owners keep tabs on whoever runs the LTD? I know from experience that HMRC planned to fine my previous company close to £8k for non filing or incomplete returns. It's only down to the fact the LTD has no money or assets that HMRC will be forced to drop the matter. However, in the case of these four Flats - there will be plenty of assets to pay any fines... As you can see I am not happy with the possibility that someone else will screw-up and make me liable for crazy costs... maybe I am just over reacting, never done this before! )
  4. Hello, I am potentially buying a flat. It is one of four, in a converted victorian house. The owner of the entire property intends to keep 1 flat for himself. When the other three are sold, the freehold will go over to a management company, of which each flat owner will be invited to be an equal share holder. I am slightly concerned. The management company, will be a ltd. I know from experience that if Ltd are not managed correctly it is very easy to incur fines. Obvious one's being for late or incorrect filing of returns. If there are problems with the running of the Ltd, then I expect all flat owners will be liable for any fines? Is it possible to have a residents association and owners the freehold/share of freehold outside of a Ltd company???
  5. Thanks for the reply, looks like a trip to the solicitor may be in order to check this out further!
  6. Hello, Thanks for all the replies, really appreciated. My friend now has some ideas for how to proceed. I will add that the Landlord definitely didn't know anything about the S21 being served, as he never instructed the EA to do so. Also, my friend hasn't recieved the TDS cert yet. Thanks
  7. Hello, A friend of mine has a sixth month rental contract, due to end in 3 months time. He has been told by the EA that the AST can't transform into a rolling contract, and that he will have to pay renewal fees for another 6 month AST, or move out. He has been served with a section 21 notice. He would prefer to shift to a rolling contract, but the EA claims they won't offer a rolling contract. Is there not some legal requirement for EA's to offer rolling contracts? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I recently moved into a new flat - the letting agent had claimed the flat would be cleaned before occupancy, and confirmed that prior via email. The flat wasn't cleaned, and also the inventory was inaccurate or inadequate in places. I spent 3 hours at least, correcting the inventory, and adding important details, and taking more photographs. I also spent time, probably 6 hours, cleaning the flat. I complained about the situation verbally, 4 days after moving in. I had done some of the cleaning at that point, but not all. Upon raising my complaint, there was no offer to remedy the situation, and in fact, they did not suggest I was lying either, and accepted my word. They had every opportunity to check my claim if necessary, but chose not to. I said I would expect some money of the next months rent, as compensation, and to cover my time, as I didn't receive what I paid for - I paid for a clean flat, with a viable inventory. I was told they would speak to the boss. Now, 3 weeks later, I still have had no contact from the LA. I did raise the matter briefly over the phone a couple of days ago, and immediately told I was lying by the Boss. Not great. Anyway, I plan to deduct £150 from the next rental payment. I plan to write to the LA informing them of my intention, by registered post, with at least 7 days notice. I am not sure if I can do this legally, or if I should take another approach, or drop the matter? Any advise much appreciated! Thanks
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