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  1. Read this and see if you can come up with this heading
  2. Quiet in Huddersfield unless you want the supermarket and then it's packed. I could find a parking space in Huddersfield but none at Sainsbury's
  3. Are you lonely this christmas. Seems you need someone to talk to.
  4. Who said it first Theres only one way to find out FIGHT
  5. If that is true he deserves a HPC gong at the next annual awards. May I recommend Johnathan Ross hosts this.
  6. http://portal.telegraph.co.uk/property/mai...7/ixptop12.html
  7. Does that mean there's going to be more fat bastards on the dole
  8. I wrote to rightmove about this and this the reply. Dear xxx Thank you for your email. The House Price Index is compiled in such a way that we remove any properties that are outliners (Anything over 3 standard deviations of the average house price for that type of property in that area). If you require further indepht information regarding how the House Price Index is compiled, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards Stuart
  9. I refused to deal with letting agencies when looking for houses. Instead I advertise in the local papers. I have so far had two beautiful houses that suppassed normal letted houses and landlords dreams are made of.
  10. I know two sets of couples that are both on the dole, living apart in different houses because they get more benefits as single people. Just conning the system as they are obviously not single. Both run cars, have had three holidays this year, one abroad. One couple have four kids, 1 lives in one house the other three live in the other. The systems wrong and if you know how to crack it you can live without working.
  11. No, I mean the landlord is actually fined and the money is given to the tenant. which would be marvellous if they go through with it. Somehow I'd be surprised if that makes the final version though. But here's a link to a summary of the act, due to take force October 06 http://www.odpm.gov.uk/index.asp?id=1152039#P66_11484 "If the deposit is not held in accordance with an authorised scheme or the tenant has not received the prescribed information, the tenant can apply directly for an order for the landlord to repay the deposit or pay it into a custodial scheme. If the landlord has failed t
  12. That sums it up for me and that is why reality has to come back to the market next year.
  13. I went to Huddersfield today. Got caught by Visa - Told them to sling it, Went into Next - pushing store card - JJB - Pushing storecard. The went to Money Shop to send WU. Pushing cash til payday. No wonder bankruptcies are soaring. Sheeesh
  14. I was just reading the blog about Manchester repossessions. Astounding A BIG rise in bankruptcies and home repossessions has hit Greater Manchester - and brought demands for action from the government. County court mortgage repossessions are up 42 per cent from last year and bankruptcies up 66 per cent. One of the most staggering increases is in Manchester itself, where there are 164 per cent more bankruptcies. North west Euro MP Chris Davies fears this could signal recession and is calling on Chancellor Gordon Brown to take urgent action. He says many families are cutting back on borrowing
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