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  1. Please delete this posting as it was created by someone who is not allowed to make new posts. We need to make sure we all know our place and keep to the party line....
  2. Think this post had better be deleted as I am not a royal VIP and therefore new posts are above my station. This site is becoming more of a joke than Rightmoves figures.
  3. Good post and im with you all the way! Only issue I have is with the "We are seeing reports that fewer houses were sold in 2005 then in 30 years. But that prices are going to rise and the market is fine." I have a bit of a crusade on to ensure people know that countrywide have reported their sales down to lowest level in 30 years.. This does not mean the entire market is down. Since the boom things are far more competitive and just because an estate agent is struggling it doesnt mean the market is failing. Look at Sainsburys and Tescos... If you took Sainsburys as an indicator on public
  4. The Times January 05, 2006 THOUSANDS of vulnerable homeowners are being lured into high-risk equity release schemes that will destroy any value in their homes, according to a damning report published today IMO these schemes will bring the market to a crash even quicker. When the old dears pass away there will be no inheritance to allow the FTB's to get on the ladder. Mr bank will step in and say "Thats MINE muahahahahaaaa" Some justice for the poor bugger wiping Grannys **** hoping for a nice pay off when the day arrives... http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/...1970646,00.html
  5. Just to add I have seen what I beleive to be evidence that sales are down and prices are dropping with them. However with that said I keep an open mind and statements that house sales are a 30yr low based on one estate agents statement on their performance is misleading and does nothing to assist in monitoring the HPC. All on this site need to avoid the VI spin that can be spun in both directions whether u are bear or bull
  6. House prices in Stonehouse have stagnated at best but in my opinion they are dropping! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-103...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy The above house up for 149,000 has been on sale for 7 - 8 months now with no sign of shifting! The owner paid £154,000 if I remember correctly. The house next door http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-104...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy Is up for £135,000 which has been marked as "sold" and then put back on over the past 5 months! And to add further problems to them both the home at the end (end terrace) sold for £120,000 in Sept(ish) I know all
  7. Your not the only one who goes through this lolly! I think it is some kind of bizzarre initiation... Thats the only reason I can find!
  8. Opps I can see how the could hit with my comment! Gotcha as in got what you meant! as in I understand!
  9. Gotcha Thanks for the reply... Oh and can I mark this post as the first one that I havent been accused of being a Troll... Happy days!
  11. Thanks for that ABB.. So 3.2% drop in sales based on last year doesnt include new stores? I know you are not the Next director but do you know if the 9.8% increase is based on the first 1/2 of the year or would they get away with pulling that kind of figure out of a hat?
  12. LONDON (Reuters) - Fashion chain Next (NXT.L: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Wednesday it expected profits to exceed market forecasts after Christmas sales were stronger than expected. The company, which is rapidly expanding, said total sales rose 9.8 percent in the period Aug 1 to Dec 24. Like-for-like sales in the 251 stores unaffected by new openings were down 3.2 percent compared with a previous drop of six percent. The retailer expects full year profit before tax to be in the range of 435-450 million pounds compared with current estimates of around 420 million pounds. http://today.r
  13. I voted for decline over time but it wont take 10yrs to go to 2004 levels! I think that more and more houses are already at or below 2004 as that is when the market peaked!
  14. Ok maybe there is a point here. My only concern is that all you will encourage is any wannabe troll to post like crazy spreading their rubbish across the whole forum instead of one easily identifiable post.. I think that if this idea is implemented there should also be rules on how new posters are treated instead of allowing more established posters attack them if they go against the views of the site! Oh and is this thread in the correct area? This does not seem to be a discussion on house prices
  15. Total rubbish! Your ip is allocated when u connect and chances are you will be allocated the IP address you have used previously. It does not change every minute! That would be like changing your home address every hour and getting a postman to deliver you a letter to your addresss 10 hrs ago! Get your facts right! Oh and I am suggesting that too many posters on here attack people accusing them of multiple postings with nothing but hunches! They are very rude and drive new guys away which is not the idea of this forum. If they do exist let the mods spot them and if you suspect them just ign
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