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  1. Social security and welfare cost the UK More than £200 billion. That's why we talk about it. £71 might not be much, but paid to millions. It soon adds up. UK pays £80 billion just in interest charges. More than we spend on the military.
  2. Have you been to any hospital lately? Why would any health professional choose the uk if they can't bring their family? The truth in a lot of sectors is that we need the immigrants more than they need us. That will become even more true as the uk ages and becomes poorer and the rest of the world gets richer.
  3. Is this a real scenario? I don't specialise in duties, but generally there are rules against artificial separation of businesses. There also rules against arrangements that are purely for tax avoidance. On a side note. One large firm that I use to work for found a loophole that would reduce their clients tax liability to nil. But never promoted it even though it was legal because it was against the spirit of the regulations.
  4. Found this on the FT: "The worst month for US Treasuries in two years was on Friday capped by investors pulling back from the government bond market , on concerns that an improving economy will prompt the Federal Reserve to rein in its hefty stimulus. The turmoil was echoed in fixed-income markets around the world as higher yields for government securities in the US, Japan, Germany and UK hit prices for corporate and emerging market debt and also US mortgage-backed bonds. The 10-year Treasury yield rose to 2.20 per cent on Friday, up from around 1.60 per cent at the start of May. In the UK,
  5. There is something in the air (I hope). I have interests in the lettings business and know a number of landlords. One of the largest who has more than a couple of hundred properties on rent has recently asked for a number of properties to be vacated so they could be sold. Although he was never a BTL landlord to begin with. He was a developer that got caught by the low volumes and prices when the market turned and the end of the boom years. Have also heard of others with smaller holdings in the BTL sector putting properties up for sale. This is all in East/North East London
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