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  1. Fact Check Please. According to ASPC... Aberdeen City Discrict. City Centre. Peak. £186377 Q1 2012. £177690. -£8687 Bridge of Donn. Peak. £198261 Q1 2012 £161775. -£8687 Dyce. Peak.£202182. Q1 2012.£192461. -£9721 Nigg/Cove Peak. £197003. Q1 2012. £169755 -£27248 Bucksburn. Peak. £150220. Q1 2012. £144704. -£5516 Lower Deeside. Peak. £452053. Q1 2012. £299571. -£152482 (ouch) Kingswells. Peak. £323028. Q1 2012. £283422. -£39606 Not as "immune" as you suggest. You appear to be talking nonsense. In the same manner as the bampots who claim "there hasn't been a house price crash" any where in the UK, because London stats are pulling up the average. Context and analysis.
  2. 3 months later and nothing to do with what you posted. Well done.
  3. Uh huh.. Theres no Q4 2011 figures on the Aspc website. http://www.aspc.co.uk/Info/page_130.html
  4. well that was earth shattering news. the fall out practically tore the internet in two. Oh, and I'm a bear.
  5. geneer

    Edinbugh Latest

    http://www.espc.com/news-events/house-price-reports/2011/november ESPC for Nov is up. As usual theres a lot of interesting info hidden under the skirts of the overall average.
  6. geneer

    Edinbugh Latest

    The scotsman hacks will be well miffed. With the cut and past option delayed They will need to do some real journalism now.
  7. ah that most popular of locations "not up my" street.
  8. geneer

    Edinbugh Latest

    Have to say Kudos for ESPC posting here. Initally I was a bit hostile, considering it as a bit of a bored estate agent Wind Up (look lads, house prices are up this month!). But I have to say I was wrong. Thanks for taking the time, and actually engaging. I'm not a fan of obvious spin, but it seems that EAs must actually sell houses to survive. In recent years some of the more entertaining articles and blogs have been from EAs getting tired of silly homeowners and their outlandish expectations. So apologies if we're sometimes a bit scathing about one sound bite or another. It is actually quite good to have you contributing.
  9. Lloyds admitted last year that the mid year price spike was due to statistical skew. With volumes still at an all time low theres no reason to assume that this is not still the case.
  10. geneer

    Edinbugh Latest

    Recalling some of the insane YOY swings ESPC has reported month to month I think its fair to say that focusing on annual changes isn't always that representative in a volatile market place. I'm not sure how its settled down over the last couple of years when the last big statistical skew (by ESPCs own admission) spiked in autumn year and dropped out rapidly into the spring of this year. In any event, you do appear to be suggesting that overall, the average figures have been effected by skew from larger properties pretty much consistently since the end of 2008. I do thank you for your honesty.
  11. Just look at the reports and its clear that the stats are heavily skewed by a few high end properties. Most property types in most areas are in fact down. The overall averages are increasingly becoming meaningless in a multi-tier market with historically low volumes.
  12. geneer

    Edinbugh Latest

    Hi ESPC. I do hope your keeping the historical house price date excel sheet. No sign of it on the beta page. The average edinburgh value is actually up on last month. But not much is being made of it. Is that because the same kind of skew as repeatedly commented on during the price spike of last years is showing up again?
  13. geneer

    Edinbugh Latest

    http://www.espc.com/house-price-news/edinburgh-house-price-reports/june-2011.html ESPC for June out. Up on last month. Down YOY in all markets. Quite a bit down in some. FTB flats still falling. Now 25% down from peak. Supply still rapidly outpacing demand. Avarage up 15K on February's lows. Is this again similar to the statistical skew ESPC were careful to point out autumn winter 2010? At the moment, they're not telling. Whats your thoughts ESPC?
  14. When you realise you could have bought the same gaff for twenty grand less 12 months later?
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