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  1. Looking for a short term long around the 20th for at most 20-30 days. I then expect a move down again for a significant decline and bearish shaped cycle, ending in December.
  2. Put the latest figures up for Cambridge over the weekend, FYI Timak: DOWN 16.5% MoM UP 0.7% QoQ UP 11.4% YoY Volume is falling, its volatile. I would say prices have topped. http://www.cambridgehouseprices.co.uk
  3. I have just uploaded May and June figures into the database for Cambridge. Headline figures as follows: DOWN 16.5% MOM UP 0.7% MOM UP 11.4% YOY Enjoy http://www.cambridgehouseprices.co.uk
  4. Got the new data today. Fall in volume and prices. Also the mega sale of 16 latham road for £3m+ has been marked for deletion in this months figures. That skewed last month's data to the upside.
  5. I will update the site soon with two months worth of data when the new LR figures come out, sorry for the delay. Last month saw volume dwindle again slightly but pruces maintained at the top of the ponzi. I am seeing reductions across the board now on RM.
  6. Hey FTB, Definitely, point is to have a reference for the city because the LR only supplies Cambridgeshire in their release, which is useless. There are a lot of vested interests ramping here so I thought we could do with some objective facts. Volume is enough to provide meaningful analysis I think, the MoM figure is more of a headline catcher than the more reliable QoQ and YoY, clearly. One of the reasons for the spike up was an unusual dumping of new build sales in October to the index....I found this a bit strange. Always going to be a move down after that kind of suspicious activity....
  7. Don't believe the hype. House prices in Cambridge are down 7.1% YoY nominal according to the Land Registry. We did get a spike in volume and price around q4 last year but it fell off sharply in the last couple of months. Will have this months data tomorrow and will upload to Cambridge house prices next week. As far as renting goes I watch this closely. Haven't seen marked increases for a couple of years now. Lots of supply due to BTL/amateur LLs. Negotiate on price and walk away if necessary. Enjoy David
  8. Yes, nothing more complicated than that. I do provide a quarterly figure too and now can do yearly as we have the data. Within that I can break down by category of property and postcode, which is reached at the top menu buttons/rollovers. Top and tail removes price extremes. Every month there are changes and deletions which have to be administered into the DB but I have knocked up a quick script that deals with that so updating is not much of a hassle. D
  9. Using the land reg monthly price paid data I extract entries for Cambridge (cb1-cb5) and insert these into a database, quite simple. I then can create some figures/graphs etc from the whole index. I started it because there isnt a figurefor Cambridge city in the LR release. This hopefully helps people see the facts and not be taken in by VIs spin. David
  10. Here are the latest figures from Cambridge where we have seen some stark falls after a spike in Oct/Nov: DOWN. 9.5% Mom DOWN 23.8% QoQ DOWN 7.1% Yoy I tend to not take much notice of the MoM figures as the sale volumes in Cambridge are quite low but the YoY figure is striking. Enjoy: Cambridge House Prices
  11. Just had post deleted for presumably linking to our own site which uses the land reg to help buyers stay informed in Cambridge. Nevertheless well done, love your site and I will repeat what I said in my original post: The landreg is due to release ALL historical price paid information back to 2005 in November which should be good for volume comparisons, if you weren't aware already. Best of luck David @ CambridgeHousePrices
  12. Great work! I also run one as a side hobby for Cambridge here: Cambridge House Prices. You may know already but the LR are releasing ALL historical price paid data next month I think, back to 2005. Will be great for comparing volumes. Best of luck
  13. This stock peaked on open with the retail investment but after 30 mins dropped back, fairly inevitable after a climatic open. I enjoyed shorting above the peak and profiting from estate agents. Redundant business model as far as I can see, as are most EAs. Ended up 4.5% down from the peak at close, will watch this with interest on Monday. Payback.
  14. Quick update on prices here in Cambridge, got the landreg figures today. Down 6.7% month on month and 3.3% quarter on quarter. Huge rise in newbuild sales (helptobuy?) marking the biggest volume for over a year. Everything else is flat, a paltry 108 sales in the month. 2 sales over a million, thats all. More info here
  15. Just an update from Cambridge. Got the figures collated just now: 0.9% nominal rise MoM, 1.9% nominal fall QoQ. 14.1% rise YoY. Still very low number of sales reflecting a dysfuntional market. Flats and terrace houses main driver of rise MoM. Fragile id say...! More at : Cambridge House Prices
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