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  1. Oh Well. At least it will mean that the EU stops being the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong.
  2. There's a lot to said for this approach. The greenbelts only exist around certain cities - google for a map of them to see. They look like donuts. There effect has been to allow cities to expand up until the boundary of the donut. Once the city has got that far then continued expansion can only happen if you skip across the donut and build outside the greenbelt. This leads to dormitory communities populated with folk who need a car to traverse the greenbelt donut in order to get to work. It's frankly not very green. Meanwhile cities are slowly losing any open or green space available. Cities and their inhabitants need their green open spaces too. Definitely time for a rethink.
  3. As we all know, the government is moving as fast as possible from actually providing any services to the public itself. Instead the services are out-sourced. The out-sourcing organization is either profit-making or non profit-making - the latter are called 'charities' because having charitable status means they don't pay shareholders or corporation tax and return any surpluses into investment. Wages and salaries in the not for profit sector are generally well below those in the profit making sector. Suggest a fair comparison would be the salary of the CEO of Barnados or Shelter or Oxfam against the CEO of Serco or G4S. The last CEO of Serco, Christopher Hyman, had a salary of £1,916,843 when he departed in the furor over Serco overcharging the government. I think you should direct your fury elsewhere.
  4. Hi drrayjo It's been a while! Your rightmove example is symptomatic of the bubble indeed. What we have here is classic over-development of a site, trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot. Because there's not the expansion of the city that it's progress requires.
  5. In the town I grew up in (St Ives, Cambs) there is a road called Pig Lane. But when a new police station was built there in the 1970s they decided to rename that part of the road Broad Leys. Unbelievable but true. Link
  6. How many days did it take those new home owners to save for their deposit?????
  7. I don't like pasting whole articles so you'll just have to follow the link: Ros Altman criticises QE as reported in the Guardian Damaging pension returns, depressing annuities which means that 1. pensioners have less money to spend (dampens demand) 2. companies have to put more aside into pension schemes - money they should be investing in growing their businesses. Discuss.
  8. Got bored waiting + found a new life partner + wanted to really settle down now that I'm 50. Think I joined in about 2005 and STRed for a few years.
  9. Nice thread, shame about all the boring car stuff. What is really significant in housing terms is that those who would struggle with an unexpected financial commitment or pay for a holiday are not going to be in a position to save or who have whittled away any savings they had. What chance saving for a deposit?
  10. 1990 - 2005: grow the economy by levering on housing 2005 - 2012 keep the economy ticking over by leveraging learning What's left for them to lend on? How about: borrow to pay for your health care borrow now for your old-age social care borrow now to buy your cemetary plot borrow now pay in advance for next year's bin collection fees Any more suggestions?
  11. I'd love to see you get those into the Olympic site - especially the gas stove.
  12. I've been planning my own personal boycott of firms supporting this dreadful fiasco. Reading through the list I was thinking this is getting ridiculously easy because I don't buy any of their 5hit anyway. Then - shock! Horror! - John Lewis. Argh! I'm really going to have to deny myself for a month or two without JL and Waitrose shopping. Olympic partners
  13. Thanks for your kind words. You've got a point there somewhere I think. Yes, what were we thinking of giving this lad?: a room, bedding, heating, all meals, pocket money, some help with finding a job or education should he want our help, some company, some independence - the more the better really, and potentially a role model: perhaps he'll become the same sort of blood-sucking parasite you seem to think that I am.
  14. Thanks everyone. There were some really useful points made which I think will be useful. Let's hope that this experiment in making better use of housing space works out. I'll come back and refresh this thread with some feedback on how it's going sometime.
  15. Thanks - sensible advice. Two hours a day job hunting could make up some of the 16 hours work that another contributor suggested as a fair return. A few household chores would be nice - we have enough of these to go round.
  16. We don't want a financial contribution. He's got no money of his own and I'd rather he used his own money getting his life together. I see your point about him being a guest. Most of my guests stay a few nights and we have a grand time. How should a longer term guest behave or be expected to behave?
  17. I was really thinking of something a bit shorter term. I've got enough pension built up to provide me with a meagre living post-retirement and I've got this self-esteem problem which makes it really difficult for me to ponce off other people.
  18. Have just read the thread about young adults being forced to move back with parents. As a prospective step-father of an unemployed, homeless 21yr old who might be moving into my home, what do you all think would be a fair contribution from him towards board and food given that he has no money, but quite a lot of free time? All suggestions considered.
  19. The graph is indicative of a continuing recession/depression if I'm reading it right. personal deposits are growing at a faster rate than mortgage lending - showing that we're overall borrowing less. All the wantabe FTB saving for a deposit rather than taking out the 110% mortgage perhaps, plus some homeowners on low interest rates adding to their savings or paying down the mortgage. and unsecured lending just hasn't broken above the 0% rate. i.e. more paying back of loans. And businesses paying back their loans too. Not investing for growth, not investing for the future. Summary, no new money of any substance going into the economy. Saving and debt reduction as a substitute for spending. This slump shows no signs of ending any time soon, My god! I remember this site back in 2005/6. This sort of graph would have had us all coming in our pants. Now it's just so much grist to the mill and I'm the first to comment 4 hours after the initial post. Cheers
  20. My tenancy is coming to an end next month and I'm moving on. I've been there two years at £595 pcm with no rent increases and it's advertised on Rightmove at a whopping...... £595. The going rate in my area of Beds/Cambs hasn't changed in two years. Purely anecdotal, of course.
  21. We should remember that this is Jack's Creation's take on the situation. His own mediation which he admits is almost certainly propaganda.
  22. ergo all mediation is propaganda? Which is a fair enough argument. You win.
  23. Do you understand even the simplest concepts in journalism? Reporting the facts e.g. "this is what the Halifax said" is objective. Perhaps you weren't being sarcastic, but somehow I doubt it. I get the impression from your post that you thought the lacking direction description was the BBC's.
  24. In our local authority you are exempt council tax for up to 6 months on a second (or vacated first) property. I believe it has to be empty, but then if you've moved it will be. You should get your money back. And they can easily join up the dots to your new address.
  25. Surely, you'd want a US call center. In Britain we have call centres.
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