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  1. Cheers Natalie Cheers Natalie, that would be really helpful, thank you !
  2. Hi Natalie Thanks, that is really useful. If you could give an update here after the structural engineer has had a look, that would be really helpful. Your last comment is really what I have been wondering about too - in the absence of any documentation how can a stuctural engineer really know what supports have been used without doing some damage ? Cheers CB
  3. Ah, thanks so much everyone that has respodnded, that has been really helpful !!
  4. Thanks GtI ! I did think something like this would be necessary... sorry if this is a dumb question, but is the presenceor absence of some kind of support (like you describe) easy to establish ? Would it be picked up in survey ? cheers CB
  5. ah yes a stovepipe ! makes sense, thank you !
  6. Hi all ! Have been looking at a house online, a terraced period property, three storeys....not very attactively modernised, hence a reasonable price. Bizarrely, the fireplaces/chimney breasts have been removed from the front and back across all three floors, I guess to create more space. A couple of questions, firstly, is this likely to have a structural impact ? and secondly, would it be impossible/prohibitvely expensive to reinstate one fire place +chimney breasts ? I have always wanted a woodburning stove, would this be possible ? Anyone else got experience of this ? Thanks for any help !!! CB
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