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  1. Thanks for the info. Not even put offer in yet but want to avoid a long drawn out sales process in the event of LR not being ready for a new sale if still processing paperwork from last sale. Also I really want to inspect title plan to see what rights/easments exist before eben putting offer in. Very frustrating.
  2. Looking to buy an end of terrace house. The vendor only purchased it back in early April this year (apparently she is old lady having trouble with stairs so wants to sell) and the Land Registry documents are not available to download. I really need these to check the status of the various shared pathways out the back and also the property boundaries. On phoning the LR I asked why the documents are not there - they said there was a backlog and usually the records are updated in 60 days. Clearly it has been a lot longer than that already but she gave no information on when they would likely be available. I don't want to get offer accepted only for the sale to get tied up with solicitor awaiting LR if the previous sale is still being processed by them in some way. Is it even possible there is an issue with the deeds with solicitor from previous sale presented to LR e.g. her boundaries on deeds not matching neighbouring properties? Or if this was the case would that have halted the previous sale back in April? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Thanks for your replies. Will research the offset and no application fee mortgages in case the personal loan does not materialise.
  4. Had offer accepted on a house at £86.5k. Was OK'd for mortgage while back but as I my savings is only £13k short of agreed price it would be better if I could just bump up my savings with a small personal loan. This would avoid having to pay for product/application fee (usually about £1000) plus the banks valuation survey which would be superfluous as I am getting a structural survey done inpedendently. Another advantage as that cash purchase would probably be much quicker. Also no early redemption charges and other such nonsense. Having said that I did some enquiries wiht my bank and they have given provisional go ahead for up to £25k personal loan but I have discovered that they won't allow you to use loan to fund house purchase. I understand that rule for using loan money to find a deposit but I am not trying to do that, I just need small top-up to buy outright . I could just fib and say it is for "home renovations" which they are OK to lend for. But I would rather keep things honest if possible. Anyone have experience of this kind of thing? Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Landlord deciding to sell the 2up-2down terrraced house I have rented for many years. I anticipate he will serve the required 2 month notice period next week (he gave me a last few weeks as additional time to get organised). This place is first place that I have rented that has not had either electric thrown in with rent or pre-paid meter. Ditto for council tax. What is correct way to terminate all the utilities including council tax so that I can prove to DPS all is paid up to final day of tenancy? Also, if I decide to give notice prior to him giving me notice how would any partial months rent due be calculated i.e. if moving out on a different day of month than when tennancy began. Can I just pay by the week if needed for the last bit or would I need to may for a full extra month if any days of notice period fall within that additional month? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  6. Wurzel Of Highbridge no land does not extend to kerb, pavement is council's. bumpy yes maybe he's been found out by council . Maybe I will ring council and see what they know about it.
  7. About to get offer accepted on a terraced house. There is concreted area infront of house that has been used for years for parking car. It requires crossing pavement. The pavement height has low, as it is all along this area as there is a laundrette next door which also has low pavement for vehicular access. There is a lamp post sited on pavement infront of next door (laundrette) and each side of lamp post there are bollards, running parallel with the pavement. There were originally two metal bollards either side of lamp post but one has been removed from infront of the house I am interested in at some stage due to it obstructing access to parking area. I am concerned that bollard may have been removed without concil's consent. But maybe the council removed it themselves as it has been filled in with tarmac, usuallly only councils and roadworkers have tarmac handy. I have asked EA to see if seller has any paperwork surrounding bollards removal process. If it has not been done legitimately then it could be reinstated and house loses parking spot wiping £££'s off resale value. I have though of phoning council but don't want them to take issue with parking spot unnecessarily and spoil the sale. Any one had any similar dilemma? Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated! BTW, what about living next to laundrette? Fine I think but if business type changes could it become a nuisance? *** PIC ATTACHED ***
  8. I am have just viewed a property and after obtaining the a copy of the register from the Land Registry I see it has the following:- --- In the Register Extract at top of document it says: Lender(s): Bank of Scotland PLC --- In the Propietorship Register it says: 3 (28.08.2003) RESTRICTION: Except under an order of the registrar no disposition by the proprietor of the land is to be registered without the consent of the proprietor of the Charge dated 8 August 2003 in favour of Bank of Scotland PLC referred to in the Charges Register. --- In the Charges Register it says: 3 (28.08.2003) REGISTERED CHARGE dated 8 August 2003 to secure the moneys including the further advances therein mentioned. 4 (28.09.2007) Proprietor: BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC (Scot. Co. Regn. No. SC327000) of Birmingham Midshires Division, Pendeford Business Park, Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton WV9 5HZ. 5 (28.08.2003) The Charge Certificate relating to the charge dated 8 August 2003 in favour of Halifax PLC is retained in Land Registry (Section 63 of the Land Registration Act 1925) --- What possible reason could there be for point number 4 in the Charges Register? It is dated 2007 whereas the property was bought by current owner in 2003. Why the time gap? Is there anything here to worry about if I were to buy it at auction? Thanks for any advice.
  9. I purchased a copy of the property register from the Land Registry for a house I am interested in. It had an entry in section A, after note about freehold there is anther note (I blanked address with x chars) : ------ (14.11.2012) The Freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above title filed at the Registry and being xxxxxxxxxxx. (14.11.2012) The land has the benefit of the rights granted by but is subject to the rights reserved by a Conveyance of the land in this title dated 19 January 1960 made between (1) The Honourable Rupert Charles Montacute Nevill and James Purdon Lewis Viscount Cilcennin and (2) William Llewellyn Rees. NOTE: Copy filed. ------ I guess I should call the LR and see if they have further information on this as they do say copy filed next to the entry. Just wondered if anyone had seen anything like this before? I can't imagine something from 1960 would have much bearing now. BTW, the proprietorship register says title absolute. I would be interested if anyone has an opinion on this.
  10. I have come across a few properties that do not come up on the website search with Land Registry. Sometimes they may have details of it and they offer a search of the index map (SIM) by post. I did that one one property and they still had no information on it. So my question is when a freehold property is for sale and the Land Registry do not know about it, what 3rd party agency validates the ownership of the property by the seller (apart form the deeds themselves). Maybe the local council kept track of property ownership before land registry did this? Any ideas?
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