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  1. Ha! Forgot about these. This one did actually get tweeted by IDS, although inexplicably he cropped out the bottom blue part. As a reward for the bump, here's a leftover I never posted at the time...
  2. A reasonable enough attempt, for the BBC anyway, at showing the problems in the housing market, but not nearly enough of a deserved kicking for HTB or even a slightly decent grilling of the Housing minister for my liking. Asking £250k for a tiny 2 bed flat... sold for £320k. How can ANYBODY in their right mind see that situation as anything other than absolutely INSANE?
  3. Share away! I find this exercise to be strangely therapeutic, here's two more...
  4. A quick few from me, hope these don't break any 'bad language' rules. I hope the tweeters are including people in the MSM in their tweets.
  5. I presume Cameron or Osborne have actually attempted to justify the £600k at some point? Does anyone know how they did that, or if they managed to keep a straight face? On a related note, I now want to email Cameron / Osborne / Clegg / Alexander / Cable etc. to vent my anger. I don't want to use the stupid limited website forms, so does anyone know if there are actual email addresses I can use?
  6. Seconded. I'd been thinking of emailing my MP with my own 'thoughts' on this nonsense, but I rather think the rantings of an individual would at best just get a standard auto-reply - which probably wouldn't address any of the issues raised anyway - and at worst I wouldn't put it past them to print it out just so they can bin it with a wry smile. I simply cannot stand what is being done to the housing market to prop up prices and screw people into unnecessary debt, so if all members and guests were to take part and send a couple of emails, you never know - the more noise the better. Perhaps if every email cc'd in part of the media it might get some column inches. Which brings me to a point... where is the action? Is there just an acceptance now that TPTB are going to get away with it again? This site has a following yes, but it will forever be plagued by the negativity of the 'crash' suffix. We have Priced-Out, but do they do anything any more? (that's not meant to sound like a dig, just an enquiry). Surely there's someone that can step up and make that noise - maybe create an offshoot of this site that is ALL about and specifically for first-time buyers. Regularly adding news and encouraging discussion on just how they are being royally screwed at every turn. Get that some coverage in the media instead of just the odd dig at HPC. Just look at how easy it was to rally (quite a lot of ) people against Simon Cowell and prevent him from getting his puppets to number 1. Imagine if all current and future first-time buyers were to be part of 'something' to get the governments attention. Get the students involved, get the concerned home-owning parents involved, get those in the media who have shown some sympathy involved. Why couldn't it work? Finally, is there no legality issues with these schemes? Surely there are free-market laws that government interference conflict with?
  7. Yep, long-time lurker first-time noise maker. Had to at least try, even though it made no difference at all to the predictable spiel. But then ain't no real glory in a semi anyway. We need more noise though, a lot more.
  8. That was actually my comment they read out about the real issue being high house prices and not lending, deposits or mortgage availablility. Interesting that they didn't read out it in it's entirety though - the part they missed out that immediately preceded what they read was... "There are so many things stacked up against the first-time buyer it really is demoralising, and nobody ever seems to care enough to truly help or acknowledge the real issue. Only occasionally in the media are there debates such as these to highlight the issues for first-time buyers, however, many of the experts are not representative of first-time buyers and instead simply have a connection, or worse, a vested interest in selling mortgages or houses." Can't think why they didn't read that bit. Disappointed by the 'expert' response, but I guess it was to be expected.
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