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  1. Hi sleepwello'nights Sorry, I used the wrong terminology. It was a "Security Deposit" I paid before I moved in, 13 years ago, which was equal to one months rent.
  2. Well I think Round 1 is over. The LL has agreed that any work will take place after I've gone. He didn't talk to me about this, just sent an email. However in the same email he did request we come to an agreement on some form of compensation for him. I have ignored this request. Round 2 is now under way. LL needs to do an inventory check (against the 13 year old list produced by the original letting agent) and has said do not throw anything out that belongs to him. As the major appliances wore out I bought my own (washer, TV, Microwave) and I planned to take them with me when I leave. I disposed of the old stuff. The LL knows this (but I have nothing in writing). I suspect he will say "Oh my gosh where is my stuff" and use that as an excuse to, at the very least, withhold my bond of one month rent. In my opinion, this guy is desperate to get his compensation one way or another I have one final payment of rent to make (I was on 2 months notice). I'm not sure what to do. Pay the rent and if I don't get my bond back (I'm sure I won't get it back) take action to recover it; Not pay the rent and have him try to recover it from me. What do you think I should do?
  3. Just when I thought it was all becoming clearer ..... So do you think fixing a crack in the wall (filling it and sanding it etc.) is a repair or a refurbishment? It's an unsightly crack but experts from the management company for the block of flats looked at it a couple of years ago and I was told it was not a structural problem. If it is a repair does it mean I have to allow "immediate" access?
  4. I'm not sure how to define repair as opposed to refurbishment. For example there is a crack in the plaster which has been there since I moved in. It looks bad but it is cosmetic not structural. Is that classed as repair or refurbishment? What is the difference in terms of the LL's ability to demand access?
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. It sounds pathetic but until I read your comments and other threads on this forum this matter was causing me sleeplessness nights and great worry. I'm a very private person and the thought of having workers in and out all the time is a nightmare for me. However, I feel quite emboldened following your responses because I now feel as if I have more control than I ever envisaged with regard to what happens over the next few weeks . I never actually realised the power that lies with a tenant regarding what a LL can and cannot do. I don't want to publish the emails I received on a public forum, but having read through several threads here I suspect they fall within the definition of harassment. I don't think the LL is a bad person, just delusional. I think as StainlessSteelCat has intimated my removal of their "guaranteed" source of income has probably caused them to go into a spin in an attempt to replace it with no interruption. Thanks again
  6. Thank you for your replies. I'm not even too worried about the bond, if it is retained I'd pursue that separately later. I'm just not sure what happens when the LL says "tough, the work has to be done and I'm coming next week" - I'm not sure how I should reply to that. Whether I am allowed to say "no you can't do the work until I leave". To be honest I'm genuinely saddened by the LL actions and I never envisaged this outcome after all these years. To me it makes much more sense to do all the work once the place is empty. I think perhaps they're short of cash . Thanks again for your replies
  7. Hi I hope I can get some advice on what I suspect many of you will consider a strange request. I am a private tenant and have been in a property for the last 13 years. I've never bothered the landlord and they've never bothered me. I have "An Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement" which I signed 13 years ago. I've never asked them to repair anything - if there has been a problem I just got a plumber or whatever in to fix things. The landlord has hardly ever visited (which suits me). I have now decided to move on and have given my two months notice and the landlord says he wants immediate access to redecorate and refurbish the place. In fact I received an email this week saying he was arriving the next day to do work citing health and safety, insurance and damage limitation reasons. I don't believe any of these really are issues. They didn't arrive. I've asked him to wait until I move out before he does his work but he says he won't do that. I feel that after 13 years, having been what most people would describe as a model tenant, I'm not being treated fairly. Obviously I would much prefer not to have the inconvenience of any work being carried whilst I am in the property. Where do I stand here? Is it unreasonable for me to ask the landlord to wait until I've left to carry out the work or I have to acquiesce? If he says we're coming round in two weeks and I say you can't, what happens then? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.
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