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  1. Pyracantha - thanks for your open honest response, I'm not stupid but sometimes optimism and wishful thinking gets in the way, so it takes these boards and people like you to knock some sense into me. Having never been through this process makes it harder because I've never had the disappointment. Ill make sure the EA knows we would still like to be kept in loop, it helps they're also selling ours. Sorry if I've ruffled a few feathers, naivety on my part!
  2. Willie valid comment I guess I hadn't thought about my buyer pulling out. On other hand if its meant to be then the buyers could pull out of the house I want. I'm not trying to wind anyone up I've never bought and sold, only bought my current house as ftb so new to all of this and just frustrated that I haven't been able to buy the house I wanted to
  3. Hi thanks for your honesty. I do have a moral compass and myself And other half have discussed it could be bad karma just I guess because we weren't allowed to put in an offer I feel like we wanted it just as much, it was our dream house and he reason we put ours up - my worry is that nothing might come up like it and someone puts an offer on my house. I agree its not nice when people have paid out money for solicitors and surveys I guess I'm just wondering if its so bad when its literally been a day?
  4. Hi I recently saw a property I wanted to buy therefore put my one on the market so I could be in with a chance. I was told by my estate agent I couldn't put in an offer until I'd received one so had to sit tight. My house is due its second viewing tomorrow and the viewer is really keen however on Friday the house I wanted had an offer accepted. We did offer to give asking price if the seller could hold on however the other buyer offered asking price. Now if my house does get an offer would I be really bad if I upped the offer? As its only been 1 day since they accepted??
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