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  1. can anybody explain why prices in and around Paignton seem to be cheaper? Thanks for all the advice. Think we might come over in September and have a look round.
  2. Sorry should have said Dartmoor, not Exmoor
  3. I heard before that there's alot of rain in Tavistock, being so close to Exmoor. Anybody know what Honiton is like? And where exactly are the S outh Hams?
  4. Bere Alston is a bit small for me, I think. What do people think of Newton Abbot?
  5. House prices around Plymouth seem very reasonable, compared to other parts of Devon. Definitely looking there now. Are the train links good for London?
  6. We are retiring to Devon next Spring. We're looking at Tiverton, Tavistock, Exeter (outskirts) and Newton Abbot, possibly Plymouth. are any of these better value? We want a bungalow within easy reach of a small town, good shopping, restaurants. Are house prices still dropping in Devon? We will probably have around £200,000 to spend but don't want a lot of work. Also is it possible to get a reasonable sized garden, say 150sq metres, I love gardening. Is there any difference in the weather between north and south devon? Sorry for so many questions!
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