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  1. Much as Stop The Ride suggests. I said the issue was whether or not I can afford the amount I would be willing to offer, which I can as I have finance in place. Estate Agents seem to be playing every trick in the book to keep prices inflated and stoke up interest at the moment. I can't blame them, it's their livelihood, I just wonder how successful they'll be. Recently, I turned up to view a two bed flat to find seven other people there. I wasn't told it would be a group viewing, so I walked straight back out.
  2. That's the inference I got. Can't blame him for trying, though if he was any good at his job he'd have worked out a better way of getting the information.
  3. Proceed, yes, with an offer, not an asking price.
  4. Couldn't quite believe it when I rang an EA earlier asking for info on a property and the call was effectively screened first. "Can you afford it," he asked? "Your file says you're looking at properties around 20K less..." Is it any of his business? Surely, the proof of that will be when I put an offer in. Turns out the property in question is on at £65k more than it went for in 2010 (when it was sold at a considerable loss, so the seller clear knows a thing or two about offering under the asking price).
  5. The right move data is interesting, but I'd be interested to see a regional breakdown. Anyone know if there is one? None of the properties I've been tracking in South Manchester have sold for anything near 97% of asking price, and this is in what is considered to be a desirable area. 95% is about the maximum I've come across around here, hence my original post. Thanks for the advice. My hunch is to hold tight.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do have property bee installed. My impression is that Didsbury is no stronger than anywhere else at present. Properties come on over-priced, sit there for a while and either stay there unsold or come down 5-10k. Properties that come on fairly priced for a quick sale disappear within a couple of months.
  7. I have offered 95% of asking price on a property. The offer was rejected. EA advises the seller is holding out for 1.3% more. I had indicated to the EA to come back to me if the situation changed. I don't want my offer to be a stalking horse for others. I also think 95% of asking price is generous (and higher than average) in the current market. I now wonder whether to withdraw the offer entirely... Any thoughts?
  8. Hello, Wondering if anyone has any insight into how prices are holding up in Didsbury? I've had an offer rejected at 95% of the asking price. The vendor is holding out for more although there are no other offers on the table. That would seem a fair offer, unless Didsbury is somehow weathering the present storm to a greater extent than elsewhere. Would also be very interested to hear views on how the new metrolink might impact in Didsbury. I'm considering another property that's very close to the new line, although it doesn't overlook it directly. Transport for Greater Manchester says the new trams and tracks are extremely quiet - quieter than a bus for instance. I've certainly heard few complaints from houses near the recently opened section in Chorlton.
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