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  1. You will need a 600K pot in 20 years time (assuming inflation rate is 3.5%) to have a 300K pot in todays money. You need to invest £1300 a month at 6% return to have a 600K pot in 20 years. If inflation is higher or your investment return is lower then you need to invest more. I used this calculator. http://www.trustnet.com/Tools/PensionCalculator/GrowthCalc.aspx
  2. Pensions aren't worth it for most of the self employed, no employer contribution and you if not a high rate tax payer then less of a tax man contribution. So in this case, your pension is unlikely to beat BTL, which has the bank offered leverage and your tenants payments working in your favour. No brainer for a 20 or 25 year investment, BTL will win hands down.
  3. HPC seems to full of misers?? 25K is what 1600 a month after tax, hardly the high life is? Live comfortably on half that ie £800 a month?? Thats just a very basic existence after bills have been paid and they dont stop once you retire.
  4. Wont be long. my niece is 27, been a primary teacher for almost 6 years, and just got a promotion to head of english which means she on almost 40K. 40% band starts at 41K. Teacher are do well, good pay and short hours (she's nearly always home before 4pm), and long holidays, she does 2 foreign holidays a year.
  5. But isn't your contribution small compared to the potential payout. Therefore if even they renege, and payout just 75p on the pound of what they promised, you should still get your money back??? I havent done the numbers, but normally the tax break if you are high rate tax payer + employers match, means you only contribute directly to a minority of your pension pot, so even in the worst case you dont lose much if anything except maybe the opportunity of investing else where which has no guarantees either.
  6. havent rates been near 0 in japan for the last 20 years?
  7. They cant offically say 'not a problem worth thinking about as rates aint going up any time soon (ie this decade)'
  8. Is there a clause to limit the income/lending multiple. Anything to stop 10x income mortgages?
  9. And the average price in the uk is £163K including land. 163K was overpriced in the 2005 when prices were going up. But 163K doesnt seem so overpriced 8 years later. your figures confirm this.
  10. Corporation tax is only on the net profits made each year.
  11. You pay corp tax at 20% but you dont pay income tax on dividends unless you are high tax payer. If you earn 500K contracting, you pay 100K corporation tax, and for the next 10 years you can take out 40K a year with no extra to pay assuming you remain under the higher rate threshold. If you land a long contract its quite easy to hoard a million in the company as a contractor if you single and keep your costs down.
  12. There is no latency in the circuit breakers. Electronic markets mean the exchanges can simply reject orders when prices have hit limit down. You cant beat the curbs unless there is bug in the exchange matching engine code (very unlikely). But what can happen is a 10% fall then circuit breakers come in, trading resumes after a short halt and falls another 10%... etc. So the stock market can still fall 30% in one day. Gold on the other hand i think has no circuit breakers, can fall 30% in one day without any halts in between.
  13. Rent for that flat would be 10K, plus bills on top. £50 per day hotel room is £18000 including bills. Hot food costs might be higher in the hotel as you cant cook your own.
  14. Our primary school doesnt do school meals (is too small). Everyone has to bring a packed lunch.
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