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  1. Mmmm, I looked at the online form for changing address and there are questions when is the end of the tenancy agreement, when is the moving out date and when was the furniture moved out.
  2. Thanks for your replies. It seems there is no clear answer to my question. Probably my other question is easier. If I am leaving the property and do not start paying a council tax for another property (I am leaving the country), do I need to notify the council about change of address? My current council bill expires with the end of my tenancy agreement. As far as I remember, one needs to sign for direct debit again when receives a bill for the next year. They won't start taking money from my account automatically, right?
  3. Could someone shed light on Council Tax? I am paying rent till 23rd april but return keys on 31st march. Do I have to pay till 23rd of April of 31st of March?
  4. I spoke to the agent again. We agreed that if they find a new tenant from April 1st, they will give me money back. He promised even to produce an official document about it. I believe they won't do double renting as it can give them problems. The agent said that even if I return keys before the 1st, I'll be responsible for the property till 23rd and have to pay utility bills and council tax. One important thing to mention - I am leaving the country. But I do not want to damage the credit history or anything like that. Anyway, I would like to stop utilities myself and from April 1st because physically I won't live in the flat in April. I'm not sure about council tax. I would like to close by bank account before leaving but probably I will have to keep it to get the deposit back. Btw, how to notify electricity and water companies? Is there a notice period?
  5. Well, they never allowed switching to the rolling contract and always contacted me themselves 2 months before end of agreement. And I hope to get back (part) of the deposit.
  6. My tenancy agreement says that I have to give 2 months notice if I would like to end earlier. If I leave on March 24th, than it's too late to give notice, right?
  7. I would like to end the fixed tenancy agreement from April 1st. I have to give two month notice which has "to expire on the last day of a rental period". I rent from 24th and pay rent on 20th. When is the last day of the rental period? The agent said on 23rd. I have to pay till April 23rd despite I leave the flat on the 1st. He promised to talk to my landlord to see whether he agrees on giving notice from the 1st day of the months but I did not hear from him. When would be the best to give written notice? Initially I was planning to end from April 1st? Will they expect me to deliver the key on April 1st despite I am paying till 23rd?
  8. Fab

    Water Bill

    I think the issue is not in taps itself but rather a promise of landlady to close them. PS Leaving the plug in... why should I?
  9. Hi all, Here is my situation. A couple of days before I left on a business trip, my landlord replaceŠ² the taps in the bathroom. Unfortunately, just two hours before I was leaving to the airport the water was off in the whole building. With the new modern taps it was not clear whether I left the tap closed or not. I texted my landlord and asked her to check taps. She promised to do so. After coming back in three weeks, I found the water on. Apparently, my landlady forgot about my message. My estimate is that I can expect a bill ~1000 pounds. Any suggestions what I could do about it? I am thinking to contact my landlady after I get the bill and discuss with her what to do. May be we could split the bill? I am not sure if switching the water in the whole building is the argument for the water company to change the bill.
  10. I'm already living for two week on a new contract but still didn't receive my part of the contract. Any way to push the agency?
  11. Well, my previous contract was signed by the agent. Thus, the agent can put any date on HIS part. I rather find illegal when the agent puts a date on MY part. Actually I should know what I sign and I was very surprised to see such a request.
  12. I know this. The only way to increase the rent then is to issue the section 13 notice? What is the problem to put the same date on the second part?
  13. Alm0stCerta1n I forgot the most important thing. Did you finally receive the rolling contract? As a Murphy's law, the landlord's washing machine broke two days ago. I thought that it's not a good idea to report it to the landlord before we agree a new contract. Now I think may be it's a good occasion to get in touch with him and try to discuss the contract again. I hate the fact that negotiation is going via the agency.
  14. btw, any idea why they didn't want me to put a date on the new contract?
  15. Alm0stCerta1n Thanks a lot for your response. After receiving the new contract I tried to contact my landlord. Usually he doesn't answer and I left him a message. I got very soon a phone call from the agency. It looks like my landlord owns several flats and doesn't care too much about his tenants. Moreover, I think that the agent acts with the consent of the landlord and all those waiting times are just their games with me. They already prepared their decisions for all possible scenarios long time ago. I don't know how far I can push the situation. I'm aware that I'll be soon on a rolling contract, but it doesn't prevent me from facing a new fixed contract or a section 21 notice.
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