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  1. Great house if with appropriate decor! I think it would seem slightly overpriced at half. What do I know though?
  2. You can do it in a car too, propel the vehicle by turning the starter motor in gear. Only a matter of time until the battery runs flat.
  3. It's most certainly an illusion, always more or less has been. I'm not being personal here, DWS (I've enjoyed your posts and the posts of others for years before joining in the chat) but there are monstrous - seemingly impermeable - jungle regions beyond the HPC trees. You may or may not be conscious, it wasn't clear from your reply to me earlier. I don't think prices falling 50% in my area is out of the question when the can falls down the manhole.
  4. Anything you desire will be yours to behold, if you sell yourself to me, son.
  5. http://youtu.be/xMG2oNqBy-Y Cool video, huh? Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  6. O rly? It'll be the main reason stopping British sheeple from buying there now, the ferry costs. I'm starting to realise that I might have to go live tribal in a jungle to escape this madness longer term.
  7. When supermarkets first became common in the UK, they were heralded as a positive evolution of the grocery industry. As the years have went on and companies swallowed others, only a few big hitters remain. They set the prices in order to attempt to exceed last year's gross profit each year. Until people can't feed themselves, making those who can still afford surplus buy for others, in some kind of way.
  8. That the lumpen proletariat aka "the middle classes downwards" are best case one trick ponies or, at worst, thick as a 16.5 ton confluence of baby wipes and solidified fat. That, despite your winning the frugality competition against Wayne Slob, you think that a £1.86 pack of meats is "very expensive". That I live nothing like a slob (okay, I sit learning shite online every night). That there's a middle ground between frugality and gluttony (and also between RDA and "die today"). I'm a simple man in hankerings and happiness. I have a habit of disregarding perfect written prose as a pre-requisite to posting on here or any other forum. Basically, don't mistake my linguistic laziness for lack of vocabulary or intelligence. Don't even mention the word "class". Unless you're a one, you're a slave like me.
  9. It's a battle of good versus evil all over the world. Sam is winning. Young aspiring financial independents who need a wee bit of space in the UK are losing. For now.
  10. I am kind of hoping you'll do a breakdown of your meals @ £2 per day, please. When am I allowed to edit posts or, if I'm being silly and I can, how do I?
  11. I'm already dead, mate. In any case, as a father of four who love equally both Scottish/British and French/Mediterranean home cooked meals, I'm perfectly aware of these things. You clearly don't get stuff. ;-)
  12. That's it. As a member of the great unwashed, I fully intend to withdraw everything I have from these crooked institutions. One small problem... How exactly DO you withdraw a negative balance?
  13. There are millions of can'ts and won'ts kicking about that's for sure. I enjoy things like a bakers, chippy or the odd fried breakfast/filled roll. These were genuine treats for me as a fairly poor kid, often lodged nicely within the memory of a nice day out, and I try to still treat them as such. Now, treats have become staples for many. It's happening all over the developed world. The thing that strikes me about our relationship with food here is how regular prolefeed in many, many nations is considered upmarket to us, whilst peoples of the world to whom Joe Sixpack wouldn't even give the time of day wouldn't touch our greasy, seasonless slop with a bargepole. Me? I'm cool 'cause I like brown sauce.
  14. Has anyone thought of an aquaponics setup in the garden or even a huge solar powered hydro greenhouse to grow tropical fruits etc? I have. I'll use my handy know-how to put my imagination into action. At this moment in time, the UK has lost me as I can put my dreams into reality abroad right now, with plenty land to spare for other interests, have the 'gage paid off in 5yrs, emigrate, get any old job to pay for the bills and largely self sustain with hopefully increasing small trade as the years go on. I'll give an independent Scotland a chance. I'm doing a runner in the event of a no vote, though.
  15. It all comes from weak parenting. I'd sooner see my kids experience real hunger by missing a meal than cater to their demands for usually unhealthy stuff like, aye, pizzas, chicken nuggets etc. We're fooked.
  16. Don't forget soup! Carrot and coriander is a good one. I can make 2l from scratch in 35 mins, although that was going ready, steady, cook style. An hour more leisurely with music, wine and some nice olive bread and tapenade would be my preferred cookout.
  17. Wisdom, yes. I don't think intelligence, or IQ rather, matters these days.
  18. Totally agree with the point you're making. If you're clever, home cooked meals can be frugal, healthy and satisfying. You've still got to pay both in time and money to prepare and cook them, you've got to learn a skill in order to do it right. There will often be wastage from most folks' shopping lists.
  19. On the fat vs thin thing... I've noticed that takeaway and lower standard food is a pretty cheap way of living. You can buy a variety box at my local chippy which feeds a family of six, all kids small admittedly, for under ten pounds. Today I bought a breakfast pack consisting of 8 link sausages, 4 Lorne (lol) and 4 black puddings. I'm not greedy so this could do me for two days if I had no alternative and could stretch to some cheap bread and cereal to go with. £1.86. I'm not fat but might be if all I could afford was takeaway and cooked breakfasts..?
  20. Scotland has more than enough productive land. Productive land isn't where you would build a super services city on a mountain of debt. She holds most of Britain's fresh water, has enormous potential for power generation, a low population and abundance of resources. Bring on the day when we will do very well out of the UK's shortage of fresh drinking water and grid shortage.
  21. What is freedom without the right to question?
  22. I was just reading that article in the physical. 42% increase from June to July in Dundee. Russia Today is good viewing at the moment, by the way.
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