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  1. Hi there, I am an expat from Northern Ireland (still working abroad) and am looking to buy a house at home (now that prices are low). As an expat, I cant get a mortgage. I have enough cash to finance around 80% of the value of the house that I am interested in...I was wondering would it be possible to charge the rest on my credit card? Are solicitors etc able / willing to do this. I know that if it did actually happen that I would have to pay the administrative fee. The amount is quite small, Im looking at some houses that need repairs in the countryside, around 60k or so. Anyway, any help that you give would be appreciated. If all else fails I can just save up for a couple more months! I am not sure it is relevant but the cash would come from my UK bank account, however my card is from my overseas bank...the joy of not being able to get credit at home:) Thanks!!
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