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  1. Apologies, I meant to say £225k.
  2. Hi GTI, Can I ask why you said 'Personally I and the Land Registry would say that the value of the property is £22k'? Surely by your own reasoning, if I bought it for £210k then the value of the property is £210k?
  3. Wotcha HPC. I'm buying a house, home report value in March 2013 - £260k. A quickish sale was required by the old sellers and they marketed the property at £225k in June 2013. Offer accepted in July - £210k. Refresher home report value received today - £225k. Same surveyors. I have emailed our Solicitors and asked them to query why the home report valuation is £35k less than it was 5 months ago. My questions to the hpc massive are: 1. Is this normal practice? 2. Can I query why they believe the property has dropped £35k in 5 months? 3. Does that mean the earlier HR - which they were responsible for - was wrong? 4. Will the Surveyor tell us anything other than, 'our opinion is final and we won't change our mind on it'? Thanks.
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