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  1. Usually they say FOR SALE/TO LET when they are struggling to do either.
  2. Yes okay...but does he want people to have access to better and cheaper housing or not. I don't think he really does. If he did he would have included high immigration as concern and not scoffed at it
  3. Yes, this guy's logic is flawed. He is part of the problem, not the solution.
  4. funny reading most the headlines I thought the UK was leading the way ahead...perhaps its only some sectors of society that are doing well and the only sectors that matter... UK economic recovery lags other G20 nations - OECD Figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show the UK's recovery from the pandemic lagged behind other G20 economies in the first three months of 2021. Comparing Q4 2019 to Q1 2021, the UK and Italy recorded the largest falls in GDP, down 8.7% and 6.4% respectively, while Germany, France, the euro area and the European
  5. ...further..I don't know anyone worried about fire safety in their block but I know lots of people worried about money and costs on account on UKGOV stance.
  6. Easy..financially support OOs and have 'investor's face investment risk (remember that?). At the moment there is not enough support to go around because they are sharing the pot between OOs and investors on nonsensical and arbitrary basis.
  7. How can he predict all the UKGov meddling and distortions??
  8. https://www.halifax.co.uk/media-centre/house-price-index.html House prices in May 2021 were 9.5% higher than the same month a year earlier. The rate at which wealth and power pours away from the young and poor and to the older and wealthier 'strongest' in seven years.
  9. One in 10 shopping centres face demolition Analysis suggests that up to 70 of Britain's 700 shopping centres could be demolished after being hit by the pandemic, on the back of the rise in online retail. "Many shopping centres have been left too long and need a radical rethink," said Stephen Springham, the head of retail research at property advisory firm Knight Frank, who estimates that about 10% of shopping centres are no longer viable. He believes a further 20-30% - about 200 - will need a significant overhaul, with shops retained but parts of the centres converted to other uses. Local
  10. Differential between new builds and second stock near me is now quite shocking...looking at £500k v £350k for 3 bed semis...and I think the existing houses are actually larger. They have created quite an impressive distortion.
  11. I can't use that pool either...should I be complaining.?
  12. Not read article but logic so far has been to deal with concerns around high prices with state help to afford the high prices and I expect this scam will continue.
  13. What proportion of the UK s wealth is saved earnings do you think?
  14. This continues to be discussed... How would a wealth tax on property work? (rics.org) Arun Advani is interviewed for the RICS online journal. He is the author of the Warwick Uni study
  15. Ireland introduces higher stamp duty rate for bulk housing buys (pinsentmasons.com) The Irish government has increased stamp duty for buyers of 10 or more residential properties to 10% to deter institutional investors from purchasing large parts of new housing estates. The increased rate will apply both to a bulk purchase of 10 or more houses as well as to a situation where a person acquires 10 or more units on a cumulative basis over a 12 month period. The 10% rate will apply to all houses acquired in that 12-month period, including the first nine purchases.
  16. They had to in the 90s..leading to affordable housing. But appears 'it is different this time'...we will see.
  17. I guess what is shocking and news worthy for the guardian is that someone should have to think of taking responsibility for themselves rather than relying on the state.
  18. "For first-time buyers, this is a hideous market," she added. "With average prices up £24,000 in a year, saving a 10% deposit needs £2,400 extra in savings." oh no an extra £2400 in savings!! what about the extra £24,000 or being in the future doesn't that count. ? And what about the interest over 30 years which means at 3% is a total nearer to £36,000 and that is out of taxed income so you need to earn say £45,000. ..and all they look at is the £2400 extra savings...? No its £45,000 worth of work. extra in one year. This is a waking nightmare where the fruit of hard
  19. "The Bank of England expects UK inflation to climb above the 2% level it thinks is optimal for the economy, rising close to 2.5% in the second quarter. Yet it predicts inflation will then fall to its 2% target by the middle of 2023. Like the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England has made no suggestion that it is planning to cut back on support for the economy sooner than expected, despite predicting a rapid rebound for UK growth in 2021." https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/uk-cpi-inflation-april-energy-clothing-prices-economy-reopened-2021-5-1030444793
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