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  1. How many MPs will benefit directly from the bailout. Southampton Tory MP has 3 BTL flats I read. Give some support to the OOs. BTLers....nothing.
  2. I have an ISA with ybs. Recently had a message saying they had put up interest rate..took me by surprise.
  3. Bitcoin will make an interesting chapter in the story of human greed and folly.
  4. Established wealthy and wannabies have held their wealth in land and property since 1066...it's going to take a lot to change that mindset, I doubt it ever will change. Statement above is a given..
  5. Grisly suicide with knife in house near me...it was rented out for while then sold at no noticeable discount...don't think buyers knew. Perhaps still don't know, not sure something neighbours raise over the garden fence. These events are soon forgotten. I think very different in Asia.
  6. Many people aren't living in the house they wanted? They are living in what they can afford which for many is awful and making them sick.
  7. Very alarming but I am not seeing this rate of HPI here in Hants. I will hold my nerve...falls are extremely likely through 2021 now. Credit to TPTB...they have played a blinder and have continued to shift wealth into the hands of the established wealthy even through the worst economic downturn in centuries. I don't underestimate their determination.
  8. Isn't this a reflection of changing attitudes towards risk. I ask what will be next...Isn't it likely that with this trajectory in future something else will be found to be an unacceptable risk and something similar will happen all over again requiring costly works to bring buildings into the new higher standard to meet the risk tolerance level of the day? Perhaps with electrical wiring standards just as an example or Rockwool fibres.
  9. How many of those to be in receipt of this bailout are 'investors'? Most of the flats near me are BTL...
  10. They are competing... standing on each other's fingers. So much for fraternity.
  11. Strange choice of words for Express ...? Crash? What's going on.?
  12. Well if don't have to pay say £10k stamp then you have extra £10k for deposit. This supports more lending and in conditions of competitive bidding goes straight into pricing. Something i have read other members post. I guess number of complex factors at work and not as simple as above but it does make some sense.
  13. Isn't it £1000 stamp duty = circa £4000 on house price value. As leveraged.
  14. "Ms Weingarth said: "It's great news that the government have extended the deadline. Our developers are pretty certain they'll have our home ready in time now. We're hoping to move in mid April. It's our first family home and we wouldn't be able to afford it without the current Help to Buy scheme." She already owns a property, so the couple would be ineligible for the new scheme which is restricted to first-time buyers." ?? do these people not realise that they are paying inflated prices because of this scheme? No hint that anything is amiss
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56043427 Help to Buy deadline extended amid Covid delays
  16. "A petition, set up by a first-time buyer whose new home will not be built in time, is calling for a six-month extension to the stamp duty holiday. It has been signed by nearly 150,000 people." ...one useful idiot and 149,999 EAs, BTLers, others with invested interest in higher house prices. Deposit on these new builds can be quite low...after the deadline they should pull out and renegotiate lower price... Very few first time buyers will pay Stamp Duty anyway...this tax break benefits the wealthy.
  17. Nothing on BBC about this that i can see but news on Radio 4 is that house prices in Wales have reached record highs after double digit growth. Now average is over £200k
  18. If there's competitive bidding I would expect the tax to be passed on in higher pricing. UKGOV will 'help' the buyer.
  19. I could make a comment but I don't know that I have the expertise to make an evidence supported comment that will have an impact. Particularly when you look at what they will accept...nothing previously published etc. What has struck me about this is the radio silence in the press on this. Do respected known critics of QE even know about this...? Another approach would be to ensure this inquiry is better publicised to those that can prepare and submit strong evidence. Do we have a view on who needs to know.? Arent you active on twitter (i am not)...I will write to the press asking wh
  20. There is no doubt it increases wealth inequality...but they look through that.
  21. Been here before in 2016? Didn't this inquiry happen I wonder.. https://www.ft.com/content/cd9fd330-c838-11e6-9043-7e34c07b46ef
  22. Afraid not...found this article but nothing about an inquiry. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15198789
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