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  1. Who writes this stuff? The headline had nothing to do with the body of the text which in turn didn't have a lot to do with anything. For what it is worth, HSBC made about £13.7 billions in 2012, so they are hardly on the breadline. Standard Chartered made about £4.5 billions which isn't as much as HSBC, but should be enough to keep them ticking over. Poor old Barclays only picked up £246 millions, which is tough, but I don't suppose we will see many of the senior executives standing around Canary Wharf tube station with tin cps and signs reading, "Please give generously. Three ex wives and a cocaine habit to support." Lloyds lost money in 2011 and 2012 and RBS hasn't made a penny in 4 years because that is the way God meant things to be.
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