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  1. In my opinion the agents would be liable for your abortive costs under the Consumer Protection Regulations........refer them to the estate agents ombudsman scheme if they are registered with them. If not, see you in the small claims court.........they'll pay £500 just to see it go away. if you ask for details of their professional indemnity insurance that usually worries them a bit. Let us know how you get on!
  2. We've got 3 lads, all grown up now. Biggest expenses are food, shoes (3 @ twice a year plus trainers), phone contracts in a few years time, eating out (everything times 5), perhaps a larger car than you might otherwise have had. if your eldest is 5 it's only going to be 12 years before they will be thinking about uni and leaving home (although they may well boomerang back of course ?). Our biggest expense by far was fully funding them through uni........ Over £100k for 2 doctors and a chartered surveyor (could have bought a BTL for cash for that much).
  3. Although I closed my business at the end of the year, I've just had a telephone enquiry for an RICS valuation for selling a HTB. I couldn't take the job but asked why he was selling.........expanding family so he needed a bigger house. i wonder if he gets a shock as and when he finally gets a buyer, and how long that might take
  4. I worked for the [email protected]@rds for 15 years......the sooner they go the better.
  5. Behind a pay wall. Can you give a flavour of the article?
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